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Sub- and root account managers can configure which data is visible for which roles in StudyCoach in which (sub-)account(s).


CoachDepartment coachManager 


* Some settings are not available to managers at the sub-account level.

Table of contents

  Managing permissions

  A dive into the different permissions

Managing permissions

As root and subaccount manager, you can configure which permissions roles have in which (sub)account(s). You can choose from the following three options for each permission:

  1. Enabled 
  2. Disabled
  3. Inherit from parent account, in other words: always following the settings of the parent account, even when these settings change too

⚠ Note: When you modify the settings of 'All accounts' as the root account manager, these settings are actually replicated in all accounts. This can be problematic if a sub-account manager had already deliberately set different settings at the sub-account level. So, as the root account manager, please make sure to be extremely careful when modifying settings for 'All Accounts' because these settings will be replicated in all underlying accounts. 

A setting that is disabled at the root account level can be enabled at the sub-account level. Sub-account managers only have access to customize the following settings of their own sub-account:

  • Access to StudyCoach
  • Limited view
  • Monitoring grades
  • Monitoring learning outcomes
  • Monitoring learning analytics

A dive into the different permissions

Access to StudyCoach and Limited view

As a manager, you can set per (sub-)account which roles may have access to StudyCoach. The roles Manager, Department coach and Coach only exist in StudyCoach, hence the access cannot be changed. Also, as a manager, you can set per (sub-)account whether there is a limited view for students.

Viewing grades, learning outcomes and learning analytics

The manager can configure for (sub-)accounts if Grades, the behavioral indicators Attendance, Page view, Participation, Submission, and Learning outcomes may be visible for the roles, of course under the condition that these data is synchronized. 

Receiving notifications and sending Canvas Inmails

As a manager, you can configure on root-account level which roles will receive notifications and a Canvas Inmail.

Viewing and managing files

As a manager, you can configure on root-account level which roles may view and add or delete files

Viewing and editing student summary

As a manager, you can set on root account which roles are allowed to view and edit the student summary. You can find the student summary (when enabled) under the 'i' and it is also visible in the student list. An example of a student summary is 'Dyslexia indication'. 

⚠ It is important that the manager always presses Save to make changes. 


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