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Participation is one of the behavioral indicators StudyCoach can provide. The indicator Participation indicates the number of activities a student has participated in relative to other course participants.


Insight in the participation gives an indication of a student's activity (in a course).


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N.B. This feature may be disabled by the manager.

Table of contents

  Collected information

  Score calculation

Collected information

In the behavioral indicator participation data from Canvas is clustered around the number of active interactions a student has done. This is the number of times a student has executed one of the following:

  • Post a comment to an announcement.
  • Submit an assignment.*
  • Viewing or editing a collaboration.
  • Participate in a meeting.
  • Post a new response in a discussion.
  • Create a wiki page.
  • Hand in a quiz.
  • Start a quiz.

* Submission of a group assignment will only count as participation for the one student who submitted the group assignment.

  TipBecause the data can only be collected if there were assignments for students to turn in, it is important to incorporate as many assignments with a deadline into your course as possible. We therefore offer some tips for providing Canvas course with different types of assignments to allow for optimal data collection.

Score calculation

The score of the behavioral indicator participation is calculated as follows:

The participation is plotted against the average of the participations of all course participants (with the student role).

Negative (red)
0 points
Neutral (orange)
1 point
Positive (green)
2 points
No participation.
Fewer participations than the course participant average.
More participations than the course participant average.

The scores are recalculated daily and are stored by week. Based on the score, the trend is calculated.


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