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StudyCoach enables its users to create messages that can be easily shared with other users for whom the message is relevant. The note-functionality makes the individual student dashboard in StudyCoach the central platform for all student-centered communication.


The note-functionality in StudyCoach adds value by creating a place in Canvas where student-centered communication is preserved for the purpose of student support. All messages and notes are archived in StudyCoach, even when a student is assigned a new coach or starts another study within the same institution. As such, StudyCoach remains the central location for all communication and information about the student throughout that person's study period and prevents information related to a student's coaching from being lost during the study period.   


Department coachManager

Note: This feature might be disabled by the manager. 

Table of contents 

   Create a message or note (for multiple students)

   Share a message or note

   Edit or delete a message or note

Create a message or note for multiple students

In the right-hand section of the individual student dashboard of StudyCoach, you can create a note in the "Create a note" text box. Notes created at the program tab will automatically appear in the StudyCoach environment of all courses in which that specific student is enrolled. Notes created at a course level will appear in the StudyCoach environment of that specific course and on the program level tab with a link to that course.

You can apply different formatting styles to the text in a note, such as bold, italic, and underline, as well as an enumeration or numbered list. You can attach a small file or a video to a note. The maximum file size is 25 MB. The file can either be dragged into the note or added manually from your computer.

Would you like to send a message to several students at once? Then select the profile pictures of multiple students to whom you want to send a message in the student list. Then click on the three dots at the top right of the page. The message you write here will also appear on the individual student dashboards in StudyCoach, on the 'Program' tab. 

  TipDo you want to see when a note or message was posted? Hover over the light gray text next to '... left a note'. You will then see the date and time the note was posted. 

Share a message or note

In the dropdown menu at the bottom of a note, you can easily determine the visibility of the note. In short, you can easily determine with whom your message will be shared. You can share your notes with the student, his (department) coach and/or all his teachers. For example, as a teacher, you can ask the coach of a certain student if he or she wants to start a conversation with the students about active participation in online classes. For each posted note, you can see with whom it has been shared (by hovering your cursor over it). In this way it becomes much clearer with whom a note is shared and visible with whom previous notes have been shared. 

In the dropdown you can easily determine with whom the note is shared:

  1. You can select multiple roles simultaneously in the dropdown menu: all selected roles turn blue and a check mark is added. None of the other roles can be combined with the 'Everyone' and 'Only me' options.

  2. On the program overview, you can share a note with all the student's teachers when you select 'Teacher(s)' in the dropdown. Do you want to share a note only with the teachers of a specific course? Then create a note in the course overview of that specific course in StudyCoach. It will then be shared only with the teacher(s) of that specific course.

  3. The notes will remain visible to the future person and/or persons in the role with whom the note has already been shared. For example, notes shared with the coach are also visible to the future coach. 

  4. The role 'Manager' is not shown in the dropdown menu. The manager sees all notes in their own (sub-)account, except 'Only me' notes. 

  5. 'Only me' notes are completely private. This means that this kind of note is only visible to you and also not visible to the manager and/or for example future coaches. You can recognize an 'Only me' note by the lock. 

  6. To each note an icon is added at the bottom. When you hover over this icon, you can see for which roles the note is visible. 

Edit or delete a message or note

To edit a note, click on the 'Edit' icon. After editing, save your new note and it will be immediately updated for all users who have access to this note. You can only edit notes that you have created yourself. 

To delete a note, click on the trash can icon and confirm that you are sure you want to delete the note. If you want to delete a note that was not created by yourself, you will need to contact the creator of that message.


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