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StudyCoach aggregates the individual mastery of students on learning objectives in different courses from the Canvas environment. In the Learning outcomes dashboard the progress of students on learning outcomes is shown in one overview.

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 Reasons behind the learning outcomes overview

  The learning outcomes overview explained

  Want to start using the learning outcomes tab?

Reasons behind the learning outcomes overview

Some educational institutions make structured use of the learning outcomes functionality in Canvas, not only on course level, but also on account level. This means that the learning outcomes associated with a program are defined at (sub)account level in Canvas. These (sub)account outcomes can then be linked to quizzes and assignments in all courses of this program.

  Tip: Before starting to use the Learning outcomes overview, it is of great importance to carefully determine the educational outcomes on program level. Moreover, it should be clear for lecturers how these learning outcomes relate to the individual courses in the program. In other words, lecturers should be capable of and comfortable integrating and assessing account outcomes in these individual courses. Help can be found here on how to create outcomes on account level. 

Canvas does not provide coaches, lecturers, and students with insights into the progress (mastery) of learning objectives across courses, i.e. on program level. The Learning Mastery Gradebook, in which this progress is shown in Canvas, is only available in Canvas at the level of individual courses.

The Learning outcomes overview in StudyCoach is thus a unique feature within Canvas as it gathers all Learning Mastery data of different courses in Canvas in one clear overview. The dashboard gives (department) coaches and students the possibility to gain insight into one's progress across all courses in which they are enrolled, based on the outcomes assessed in these courses. These outcomes are gathered in the tab 'Learning Outcomes' in StudyCoach, as shown below. It is important to know that:

  • learning goals that are not linked in Canvas to a learning-goal-group, will be shown separately in StudyCoach at the right side of the table.
  • the learning-goal-groups-structure in Canvas is currently only shown in StudyCoach in the parent-child structure. This means that only the learning-goal-groups are shown to which a learning goal is linked directly. Groups which are the parents of the underlying groups are then not shown in StudyCoach.

The learning outcomes overview explained

At the learning outcomes overview you will find an overview of the progress of a student for all learning outcomes which are used and/or met in one or multiple courses. 

  • In the first column all the courses are shown. In the top row all learning outcomes within these courses are shown. You see that some learning goals have been used in multiple courses. The goal 'Organization' is for example assessed in the 'Exam Training Course' and in the 'StudyCoach Course' as well.

  • The number in the circle states how many times the lecturers have assessed the student on the learning goal. The learning outcome 'Communication' is for example assessed 4x in the 'Nursing Course'
    In the average row, the sum of how many times the student is assessed per learning outcome over all courses is shown. The learning outcome 'Communication' is for example assessed 6x across all courses.
  • The score and progress on a learning outcome is shown by the colors, together with the green line where the student has mastered a goal.  'Share knowledge' is for example not mastered yet (the colour is black) on average. But 'Share knowledge' is mastered in the 'Exam training course' though, as it is already green. Mastery is indicated by the green line, in the left lower corner of the circle. In the average row, the average per learning outcome over all courses is shown.

  • The learning outcome groups show the average score of the group of learning outcomes and the sum of how many times the student is assessed on all learning goals in the group (in collapsed and uncollapsed state). When a group is collapsed (by clicking the arrows next to the name of the group) it shows the average score on all learning outcomes per course. When all goals are mastered the circle is green, when one or more goals are not met yet it is black.
  • It is possible to filter which learning outcomes and which courses you would like to select from the 
    Learning Outcomes overview in order to make it more focused. Moreover, it is now possibly to filter the learning goals of one group in one click.


Want to start using the learning outcomes tab?

  1. This step must be taken by a manager. Go to 'Settings', then 'Permissions', check the option 'View Learning Outcomes' for the roles of your choice and click 'Save'. After the synchronization, the tab 'Learning Outcomes' will be shown in the individual dashboard of students for the chosen roles. The data is synchronized overnight (CET).
  2. Go to the dashboard of a student. You can now find the new Learning Outcomes tab next to the Program, Course, Files and Coaches tab.
  3. In this tab, you see an overview of the progress of a student in all learning goals which are used and/or met in one or multiple courses. Make sure the outcome functionality in Canvas is actively used to get the best overview of the overall progress (mastery).


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