5 reasons why to use StudyCoach

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As a teacher or coach, are you looking for better ways and tools to guide your students, and to do this more efficiently? Or are you a student that wants to gain more insight into your own learning process? 

We give you 5 reasons why StudyCoach is the right solution for you. 

Table of contents

  1. Increase student success
  2. Identify the need for support early on
  3. Empower students
  4. Cross-course overview of learning outcomes
  5. Empower coaches

1. Increase student success

Enhance student success by empowering coaches to provide earlier and well-targeted guidance to students and by empowering students to take control of their learning journey. 

2. Identify the need for support early on

StudyCoach helps coaches (mentors, counselors and similar roles) to identify students that might need some extra help early on and to take targeted action. 

By providing information on student behavior in Canvas, a coach in StudyCoach has a clear overview of students that are more (or less) active in the online learning environment, which can be an early sign of student success. This will help the coach in having targeted conversations with students.

  Tip: Learn more about 'Behavioral indicators' in StudyCoach to find out how these can help to identify students in need of extra support. Or learn more about the 'Coach dashboard' to find out how to efficiently keep track of your students.

3. Empower students

Students with access to StudyCoach are empowered to take control over their own learning journey. 

As a student in StudyCoach, you are able to see your own behavioral indicators in a cross-course overview, communicate directly with your coach and teachers about the progress you are making and gain insight into your learning journey by exploring the Learning outcomes dashboard. Together with your coach, you will collaborate to make your learning journey a success!

  Tip: To see in practice how students can take control of their learning journey, check out the real-life case study of the College of Healthcare (ROC van Twente). 

4. Cross-course overview of learning outcomes

Stimulate proactive behavior with the 'Learning outcomes' feature in StudyCoach. This provides coaches and students with a cross-course dashboard that visualizes a student's progress on learning outcomes that have been scored by teachers in Canvas. 

Find out where a student stands in acquiring the skills and/or capabilities that the educational program demands. Gather insight at a glance of how many times an outcome has been scored, in what courses and what is the average score of those outcomes. 

5. Empower coaches

StudyCoach is a power tool for coaches, in which they have a student-centered dashboard, rather than course-centered. This means that as a coach you can identify students that need extra attention, zoom in on their situation and proactively engage with the students to collaborate on their progress towards success. 

A few awesome features that help you with that: 

Pin students that you wish to monitor more closely on top of the Coach Dashboard;

Easy transfer of student history to future coaches: all information around a student is maintained in StudyCoach, even if a student changes coach;

Direct access to student grade books from the courses overview in StudyCoach, providing an easy way for coaches to see student grades;

Communicate with students, teachers and department coaches by sending a note that can be shared with all roles, selected role(s) or only with yourself;

Add labels to students to add order to the chaos, for example to group students or to collaborate with colleagues on follow-up actions. 

Feeling inspired?

Many educational institutions have a customized motivation for using StudyCoach. We call this the 'Why StudyCoach'-statement. If you are looking to write your own StudyCoach-statement it will be helpful to check out our template to create the Why StudyCoach-statement to get started with this. 


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