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In StudyCoach, individual students' grades can be viewed by course by students, teachers, coaches, department coaches, and managers. In addition, the median of all students in a course is shown. The data for these grades is retrieved from Canvas and displayed in StudyCoach.


The grade functionality in StudyCoach provides an easy overview for all StudyCoach users. They can see in a student's 'Courses' tab at a glance what grades the student has achieved for the different courses. 


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Note: This feature might be disabled by the manager

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  Individual student grade per course

  Median grade per course

Individual student grade per course

A student's individual grade of a specific course is calculated within Canvas. This grade can be found in the student's grades page in a Canvas-course in the grade book by the teacher and the student. This grade is displayed at the bottom of the student's grades page in Canvas behind 'Total'. Feel free to discover how this Canvas functionality works exactly with the help of this link

In StudyCoach the student's individual grade is displayed for each specific course. In this way not only the teacher and the student but also the coach, department coach and manager can see the grade of a student even if they do not have access to the course in Canvas.

The individual student grade per course is displayed in StudyCoach in the same way as it is displayed in Canvas, for example in the form of a percentage, a grade or a textual description. The grade can in StudyCoach be found in the courses tab of an individual student's dashboard for the student, the coach, the department coach and the manager. For teachers, the individual student grades can be found in the course overview of the specific course.

⚠ As soon as you use 'override grades' in Canvas, the override grade will be shown in StudyCoach instead of the individual grade.

  Tip: A student and a teacher can always dive into the student's grade page in a Canvas course to discover of what elements the individual student grade is made up. Moreover, the student and the teacher can use this student's grade page as a starting point to dive deeper into the detailed activities of a student and the feedback the student received on these activities. 

Are you a coach and curious about more details of a student's individual grade per course too? A coach can only have access to all Canvas courses of a student when he is given the observer role. When a coach is an observer, he can visit the student's grade page via the button in StudyCoach which is displayed underneath this paragraph. The extra insights visible on the student's grade page, which a coach is able to see through the observer role, may help a coach to gain a better understanding of the exact activities a student performs. 

More information on the observer role of a coach can be found on this information page. 

Median grade per course

The median grade of the students in a course is shown for teachers, department coaches and managers in StudyCoach. The median grade is calculated in the following way: all individual students' grades of a course are lined up from low to high, and the grade that is in the middle is then selected. This median grade provides an accurate representation of the score of students as it not influenced by the outliers. 

The teacher can consult the median grade of each course he teaches through accessing StudyCoach via the global navigation menu and simply scanning the teacher dashboard. The median grade of all courses is shown underneath the tab 'Courses', which can be found at the top of the dashboard in StudyCoach, for a department coach and a manager


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