GradeSync LTI

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Grade Sync LTI

The Grade Sync LTI is a premium feature and can be installed at a (sub)account in the Canvas environment of the customer. There is the possibility to push the final results of Canvas into Eduframe. 

You can find the button to use Grade Sync LTI in the Canvas course connected to Eduframe:
Grades → Actions → Sync with Eduframe

Grade Sync LTI set up

This guide helps customers to quickly start using the Grade Sync LTI (after Grade Sync LTI is installed). 


  • Grade Sync LTI installed on your Canvas environment.
  • Access to Eduframe.
  • Admin access in Canvas.
  • Configure the course setting within the Grade Sync LTI: A course grading scheme should have been created and the box 'enable course grading scheme' in the course settings should be ticked. For step by step instructions, click here

Step 1: Preparing sync settings for first use.

First you need to correctly configure the settings within the Grade Sync LTI. In Canvas, navigate to a course, open the grades tab and under ‘Actions’, click on the ‘Sync to Eduframe’ button. This will open the Grade Sync LTI.

Within the app, navigate to ‘settings’. This tab will look like this: 

Here you need to fill in your Eduframe domain. This is the url you use to access your Eduframe environment. It should look like “”.

Next you’re required to fill in an access key for Eduframe. You can create one in Eduframe under ‘My Profile’ -> ‘Access tokens’. The access token requires the ‘Read Orders’ and ‘Modify Orders’ scopes.

The last setting is ‘teacher access’. By default, teachers can also use the Grade Sync to synchronize grades to Eduframe. You can change this by disabling this setting.

When finished, you can save the settings.

Step 2: Syncing grades

In this step we assume you already have a Canvas course opened on the grades tab, of which you want to synchronize the grades to Eduframe. The following instructions hold for both admins and teachers (if they have access).

Open the Grade Sync LTI through the tab ‘Actions’ -> ‘Synchronize to Eduframe’. This will open the app. It will look like this:

You only have to press the ‘Synchronize grades’ button. After a few moments, all the grades should be visible in Eduframe. If this is not the case, then you can check the ‘History’ tab for any problems.

This push is a one time sync from the Canvas grades to Eduframe. 

FAQ Grade Sync LTI

  1. Does the preliminary final grade (so when not all sub grades of the participant are known) sync to Eduframe?

    1. ANSWER: Whatever Canvas shows in the last column is what GradeSync syncs. This means it excludes non filled in grades or non published grades from the calculation but always has a grade to sync as long as one of the assignments has a result.

  2. Can you choose what final grades to sync and what not? E.g. one participant needs to do a retake, and you do not want to sync the grade of the participant yet.

    1. ANSWER: GradeSync only syncs the final (published) grades of all students.

  3. What happens when you manually set/change a grade in Eduframe, and synchronize grades using GradeSync LTI later?

    1. ANSWER: It overrides the grade.

  4. How to capture resits, in combination with GradeSync?

    1. ANSWER: Two options:

      1. Have the participant do the same assignment again (new attempt)

        1. The most recently added grade is shown and used by Canvas for calculating the final grade. Grade history is saved by Canvas. GradeSync can be used to sync the resulting grades.

      2. Create new assignment

        1. Only participants who need to do a resit will do this assignment. And only these participants will have a grade for this assignment. If the original assignment should not be taken into account for the final grade anymore, it should be emptied for the 'resitters'. This way the initial attempt no longer influences the final grade for resitters, and the resit does not influence the final grade for regular participants. GradeSync can be used to sync the resulting grades.

  5. Does GradeSync sync scores as well as grades?

    1. ANSWER: GradeSync synchronizes both scores and grades.

  6. What is needed to sync both scores and grades?

    1. ANSWER: The above is correct. Published scores and grades will be synchronized. For grades to show up in Canvas, you will need a grading scheme.

  7. Does GradeSync round scores?

    1. ANSWER: No. GradeSync supports synchronising scores with up tot two decimals.

Note: The Grade Sync LTI is a premium feature. Contact support or your Drieam CSM in case you are interested.

More information

Click here for other Articles around the Settings page in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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