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Sub- and root account managers can configure which data is synchronized to StudyCoach in the settings in the Canvas data synchronization tab. They can also manage the terms and (sub-)accounts over which this synchronization occurs.


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* Some settings are not available to managers at the sub-account level.

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  Learning Analytics



Learning Analytics

As a manager, you can configure which Learning Analytics from Canvas may be synchronized for which (sub-)account(s). You can set for the (sub-)accounts whether the Learning Analytics Attendance, Page view, Participation, Submission, Learning outcomes and Grades may be synchronized. 

  Tip: When using the Attendance behavioral indicator, the Roll Call Attendance LTI tool must be registered in order to display data in StudyCoach. When you want to register it, as a manager, click on the wheel next to 'Attendance'. A pop-up is shown:Select the account in which the tool is used. In addition, enter the tool ID which can be found in the URL bar when you open the Roll Call Attendance LTI in Canvas.  

The manager can choose one of the following three synchronization options for Attendance, Page view, Participation, Submission, Learning outcomes and Grades:

  1. Enabled 
  2. Disabled
  3. Inherit from parent account, in other words: always following the settings of the parent account, even when these settings change too 

⚠ Note: When you modify the settings of 'All accounts' as the root account manager, these settings are actually replicated in all accounts. This can be problematic if a sub-account manager had already deliberately set different settings at the sub-account level. So, as the root account manager, please make sure to be extremely careful when modifying settings for 'All Accounts' because these settings will be replicated in all underlying accounts. 

A setting that is disabled at the root account level can be enabled on sub-account level. Sub-account managers only have access to customize the Learning Analytics settings of their own sub-account.  


StudyCoach is built in line with the chronological structure of Canvas, established by terms. The root account manager can configure which data is synchronized through the following settings via Canvas data synchronization underneath Terms:

  • Current term
    The manager can set one term as the current term. This term will then appear as a default in the filter at the top right of all users' pages. This filter affects the student list as well. 
  • Enabled 
    The manager can enable the terms that are active in Canvas. When you disable a term, all posts and other data created for this term will be deleted. This action cannot be undone. 
  • Sync trends
    Here, the manager can set which terms should be synchronized. Only when the term is enabled AND sync trend is enabled for a term, new data will appear in Canvas after the nightly synchronization. 

It is important that the root account manager always presses Save to save changes.  

⚠ Note: When new terms are created in Canvas, such as when transitioning to a new school year each year, the root account manager may review which terms should remain enabled and which should be synchronized. When a term has ended, it is important that you, as an institution, ask yourself whether synchronizing this previous term is actually necessary. For example, you can then choose to leave the term enabled so that the data is preserved, but not to synchronize it anymore because no new data will appear in Canvas in this term anyway. It is also of worth to carefully consider how many years the data in StudyCoach should be kept after a student has left the program, for example. At some point, you can decide to disable old terms so that all old data disappears. 


StudyCoach is built from Canvas' hierarchical (sub-)account structure. For each (sub-)account, the root- and sub-account manager can decide whether to synchronize the underlying data from Canvas to StudyCoach. 

⚠ Note: Disabling an account results in deleting all messages and other data created in StudyCoach for this account. This action cannot be undone.


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