Preparing for the start of the new school year

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Follow the steps to be ensured to be well prepared for the start of a new school year. 




* Not available for managers on a sub-account level.




To ensure a smooth start to a new school year with StudyCoach, as an administrator, you can follow the following steps to ensure that student support gets back on track. This roadmap includes both some check-ups and some required actions.


To perform this roadmap, log in as a manager in Canvas and go to StudyCoach. Then open the settings using the cogwheel in the upper right corner. 

  Tip: In the General tab, make sure that the Create Observers in Canvas feature for coaches is enabled if you want to give coaches access to the Gradebook of the students they supervise.

1. Update new student-coach relationships.

Option A: Import a new CSV

Go to the tab Import > Coaches and upload a new CSV file with all student-coach relationships.

⚠️  N.b.: The format of the csv-file has changed; an additional column 'status' has been added. This column allows you to indicate whether a relationship is active or deleted.

From summer 2022, multiple coaches per student will be supported. So there can be multiple coach relationships with the same student. This also means that existing relationships will no longer be overwritten by an import of a new relationship. 

To terminate an (old) student-coach relationship you can use the 'Status' column in the csv file to indicate with 'deleted' that the relationship can be terminated.

Option B: Make bulk changes in the student tab

  1. Go to the student list in your StudyCoach. 
  2. Select multiple students for whom you would like to add, change or delete a coach or multiple coaches.
  3. Use the tabs 'Assign coach' or 'Remove coach' to add, change or delete a coach or multiple coaches.

2. Import the new department coaches.

Go to the tab Import > Department coaches and upload a new CSV file with all department coaches when there are many new ones. Looking for small changes? Check out the article user management.

3. Activate the correct term for data synchronization.

Go to the tab Data synchronization > Terms and check:

  • if the current terms are set correctly (meaning as well the terms with a name of the current term, or 'all terms').
  • if the correct terms are active and being synchronized.

4. Check if the correct accounts are synchronized.

Go to the tab Data synchronization > Accounts and make sure the desired (sub)accounts are checked for which data should be synchronized with StudyCoach.

5. Clean up the old labels.

Close the settings menu and go the overview of students. Click on Manage labels. Check here for old labels that are no longer needed and remove outdated or unnecessary labels.


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