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Page view is one of the behavioral indicators StudyCoach can provide. The indicator Page view indicates the number of page views a student has made relative to other course participants.


Insight in the page views give an indication of a student's activity (in a course).


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Note: This feature may be disabled by the manager.

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  Collected information

  Score calculation

Collected information

In the behavioral indicator page view data is clustered from Canvas regarding the number of page views a student has done. This is the number of times a student viewed a page within a course in Canvas. This data is most valuable when trying to understand if there was activity, and serves as a comparison tool between students within a course or comes in handy when looking at trends from week to week.

NB: Because page view data is based on requests to the server, the numbers of page views may be larger than what we traditionally consider a page viewed. Hence, page views data can be used as a good approximation of student activity and not as an absolute metric.

Score calculation

The score of the behavioral indicator page view is calculated as follows:

The page views are plotted against the average of the page views of all course participants (with the student role). 

Negative (red)
0 points
Neutral (orange)
1 point
Positive (green)
2 points
No page views.
Fewer page views than the course participant average.
More page views than the course participant average.

The scores are recalculated daily and are stored by week. Based on the score, the trend is calculated.


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