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Attendance is one of the behavioral indicators StudyCoach can provide. The indicator Attendance indicates the extent to which the student attended lessons based on registrations in the Roll Call Attendance tool.


Insight in attendance gives an indication of a student's engagement during classes in a course.


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Note: This feature may be disabled by the manager. 

Table of contents

  Collected information

  Score calculation

Collected information

In the behavioral indicator attendance data is clustered from Canvas regarding student attendance records. This behavioral indicator indicates whether a student attended, was late, or did not attend at all. This requires recording attendance in the Roll Call Attendance-tool. In the article Canvas data synchronization it is explained how the manager can register the Roll Call Attendance tool in StudyCoach.

Note: If a teacher has not completed filling in the attendance data in the Roll Call Attendance-tool by the end of the week, it will not be synched to StudyCoach anymore and the bullet in StudyCoach will turn gray.

Score calculation

The score of the behavioral indicator attendance is calculated as follows:

A number of points is awarded for each registration, see below.

  • Absent: 0 points
  • Late: 1 point
  • Present: 2 points

Then, based on the percentage with respect to a maximum score (total number of registrations x 2 points) a score is assigned for this indicator that is visually represented by a color of the bullet. 

Negative (red)
0 points
Neutral (orange)
1 point
Positive (green)
2 points
0% - 50% of the maximum score.
51% - 69% of the maximum score.
70% - 100% of the maximum score.

The scores are recalculated daily and are stored by week. Based on the score, the trend is calculated.


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