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In StudyCoach all users have the ability to leave a note or message as described in this article. When this note is shared with other users, these users will receive a notification of this when this setting is enabled by the institution. For example, when a coach shares a message with all teachers of a student, those teachers will receive a notification that a new message is available.


Notifications ensure that a notification and possibly an email are sent when a message is received in StudyCoach. This can be especially valuable in the implementation phase of StudyCoach. Without a notification, you would have to actively go into StudyCoach to see if you have received a message. When you receive a notification within Canvas or in your mailbox, you will be more encouraged to actively use StudyCoach.


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Note: This feature might be disabled by the manager. 

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 Receive notifications

Turn notifications on and off 

Receive notifications

As soon as a note is shared with other users, all those involved receive a notification. The number of new or unread notifications is visible as a number in the blue badge. You can always find the bell icon in the upper right corner of the StudyCoach screen. 

All your notifications are in this 'Notifications' menu. By clicking on a notification, you navigate to the specific notification which is then also shaded. Once a notification has been viewed, it is marked as unread, but can still be found in the overview of notifications.

It is also possible to receive all StudyCoach notifications in the Canvas inbox via Canvas Inmail. Depending on the user's personal settings about notifications from Canvas, this email will also appear in one's personal email account.

Turn notifications on and off

The manager can specify in the settings under the heading 'Permissions' which roles in StudyCoach will or will not receive notifications. Once the manager deselects the 'Show notifications' option for a role under 'Permissions', all users with that role will no longer receive notifications from StudyCoach. Once the manager enables notifications, users with that role will from then on again receive notifications of all messages shared with them.

If the manager selects the 'Send Canvas Inmail' option in the settings, the selected roles will also receive their StudyCoach notifications in the Canvas inbox. 

  Tip: The Canvas Inmail option ensures that notifications not only appear within the StudyCoach environment, but also appear in the regular Canvas inbox. Often this inbox is linked to a regular email address and inbox. Especially in the early adoption phase of an implementation project, we recommend turning on the Canvas Inmail link, as this encourages awareness and use of notes in StudyCoach.


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