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Location of settings on administrators

As an admin you can configure the settings in Eduframe. Clik on your name and on "settings" to get to the settings overview. You will see an overview of settings you can configure within Eduframe.

Click on "administrators".

Create new administrators (production environment)

To create a new admin in Eduframe you have to go to the Administrators settings as explained above. Here you add colleagues who also need to work in Eduframe as an admin (Note: this is not where you add teachers). It is also where you can set permissions and add "roles". For example, do you have colleagues who should be able to view and send all invoices, but not edit the description of the course offering? You can set that up here. 

You can add colleagues to Eduframe by clicking on Add administrator. After saving, the administrator will receive the email template Contact Created in which they can generate their password and login to Eduframe.

If the administrator is already a contact in Eduframe, you can click on assign to an existing contact. Here you will contact the admin role to an already created user in Eduframe. 

Create new administrators (test environment)

You use the same steps to create a new administrator as explained in create new administrators (production environment). Within the test environment ( emails will not be send. Therefore, the admin that you create will not receive an email automatically to create their account. However, it is still possible to copy the link and to send it manually to the new admin. 

When you save a new admin, go to Relations > Contacts and find the user (admin) you just created. At the contact page of the new admin it is possible to view the email, that should have been send when you created the new admin. Hover with your mouse over the email address so the button view e-mail will appear. Click on this button to see the email and to copy the personal link for the admin to create a password. Send this link to the new admin.


Create new admin role 

If you want to create an admin with a different role (optional), you can create a new role by clicking on Roles & Permissions and click on Add Role. Here you have to add a name for the role. The role is now created, but without any permissions. You can then change those by clicking on the red crosses behind the permission you want to grant.

Part of the permissions you can change for the specific admin role: 

After the admin role is created, go to relations and find the user (administrator) whose role you want to change. At the bottom of the contact form, you can change the role of the admin. Choose the new role and save the contact. Now that administrator has limited permissions. (Note: These roles are admin roles not extra roles for teachers).

More information

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