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Location of settings on certificates

As an admin you can configure the settings in Eduframe. Click on your Name and on Settings to get to the settings overview (see image). You will see an overview of settings you can configure within Eduframe.

Click on Certificates.

Configure Certificates

Here you can create/find all your Certificate templates. There are two types of certificates: program certificates and course certificates. You can set them both up in the same way. Click on + Course Certificate template or + Program Certificate template to set up a new template. There you can find the following settings to configure a certificate in Eduframe. 

  • Choose a name
  • Define the orientation of the page: horizontal or vertical. 
  • Place the logo of the organization on the certificate (the logo is already uploaded under Company Information).
  • Upload a file with the background image
  • Determine the validaty type of the certificate: unlimited or limited. Using the date of validity an expiry date can be mentioned on the certificate.
  • Award on: Creation date or End date enrollment
  • Allow download: enable or disable.
    *Allow download enabled means that students can download their certificate on their student portal. 
  • Content: Add tags to the text on the certificate. 
  • Add signer: Add name and image of the signature. 
  • CSS: In this box you can determine more lay-out parts.

Make a course use a certain certificate

After you created a Certificate template (course), go to a Course Template and select the right Certificate. Now all enrollments of the Courses belonging to this Course Template can be awarded with the Certificate Template. 

After setting up the certificate for the course template, you can award the students by going to the enrollments. When you click on award certificate, the earlier set up certificate will be assigned to the student. 

Make a program use a certain certificate

After you created a Certificate template (program), go to the enrollments for the program editions and select the right certificate. You can select the participants where you want to grant the same certificate for. After selecting, click on the three dots and click on Award certificate

Now all selected enrollments of the program edition will receive the same certificate which you can decide. 

Certificates by Drieam

If you want to create a new Certificate template by Drieam (This is in agreement with Drieam and needs to be requested trough support) you can deliver the following items: 

  • An example of how the certificates should look like, so everything together (background, text, signature, fonts)
  • Send the background image separately (without text): .jpg file, width has to be smaller or equal to 2160 pixels. Next to the background image we can only add images for signatures. So all other visual elements should be placed in the background image.
  • One (or multiple) images of signatures that need to be placed on the certificate. When the signature will be placed on a white background the image can be a .jpg file. If the signature will be placed on a coloured background it should be a .png file with transparent background. Think of what color pen you use when drawing the signature. Black can sometimes look better than a blue pen for example.
  • The name and function of the signee
  • We need an .otf file of the font you want to use (if you want to use another font than the default that is selected in Eduframe)
  • All text: Include within the text what has to be loaded from Eduframe, this can be done through tags. For example in this way: {{student_name}} (everything within brackets will be loaded from Eduframe and can be different per student or course template.

More information

Click here for other Articles around the Settings page in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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