Risks when using key-contacts and linking existing enrollments to personal programs

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What is a key contact? 

In Eduframe (as admin), it is possible to designate one or multiple contacts as the 'key contact' of an organisation. The key contact can place new orders for this organisation. the key contact can also see all enrollments, orders and invoice information from this organisation on the business portal. 

When logging into Eduframe key contacts will have the option to open the business portal for the organisation they are key contact for. Only key contacts of an organisation can access the business portal. 

What is the risk? 

Key contacts of an organization can see personal participant details, such as results and certificates, of all course enrollments linked to a personal program. This includes enrollments linked to other organizations or enrollments which are created by personal orders.

What will key contacts see? 

A key contact can go to the business portal of their organization. In the business portal it's possible to see the personal program from program enrollments that are ordered by their own organization. In the personal program overview they can see: 

  • Status 
  • Result 
  • Grade
  • Certificate

If you don't have key contacts in Eduframe

There is no risk, as no one can see the business portal.

If you have key contacts in Eduframe ... 

... and programs ordered through a personal order

There is no risk, as the program will only be visible in the student portal and not the business portal 

... and programs ordered through an organization order 

There are some risks: 

  • An enrollment can automatically linked. When the program element consist of a course template + edition, and the enrolled participant already has an enrolment for that specific edition, the existing enrolment will be automatically linked (even if it was created by a personal or organization order from another organization).
  • When an admin links a course enrollment (created by organisation A) to a personal program (created by organisation B). The key contact of organisation B can see the results and certificate from the course enrollment (created by organisation A). This may not be desired. Therefore, always check whether you want to link a certain enrollment to a personal program. Below an example: 

The Management Master (2021) was ordered by Allianz (organization order) for their employee Becky Grant.

Becky Grant already completed the course Accounting & Finance at her previous employer Altran. Therefore the admin will link an existing enrollment to her personal program. 

The admin chooses the right enrolment to link. 

This enrolment was created by Altran (through an organization order). 

Admin links this course enrolment (created by Altran) to the personal program of Becky Grant (created by Allianz) 

Now the key contact Jessica Clark from Allianz can see the personal program of Becky Grant, including the results and certificate from the course enrollment that was created by Altran. 

Why didn't we remove this risk? 

Each educator has different wishes in whether they want to show these results of course enrolments to key contacts or not. To keep this as flexible as possible, we chose to give the responsibility to the admins of the educator. They get to decide whether a key contact can see this information by linking or not linking the existing enrolment. 

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