How to create orders?

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The tab "orders" in the global navigation is the section in Eduframe where an order is placed and is linked to one or more enrollment(s). An order can be done for individual participants or for an organization (multiple participants). An order is connected to one course edition or program edition. Connected to this order is the participant enrollment(s) and invoices (which can be assigned to a different account). 

In the submenu within Orders there are two tabs. In the To be confirmed tab, all existing orders that are requested will be displayed. The number shown in the menu indicates how many orders still need to be confirmed. All orders tab shows a table with all orders. Here you can export all the data to an Excel file that will consist of all data concerning enrollments and orders.

Within Eduframe an order can be made by on the backend as admin or through the sign up form (which can be placed on the website).

1. Create order as an admin

From the backend as an admin you can enroll multiple students for courses & programs. An order also has different statuses:

  • Requested: All enrollments of an order are not confirmed yet (no actual enrollments yet)
  • Confirmed: The whole order with all enrollments are confirmed (actual enrollments)
  • Cancelled: The order was confirmed but it is cancelled (from actual enrollments to no enrollments)
  • Denied: The requested enrollments of an order are denied (never been an actual enrollment)

  1. If you want to create an order, click on + Order. You can choose between a personal order or an organisational order. In a personal order the billing address and order are linked to the person you want to enroll. In an organisational order this is not linked to a person, but to an organisation.
  2. Choose the product (course template or program template) and choose the edition (course edition or program edition). You can also choose from already completed editions by enabling the switch Show completed courses. 
  3. There are different ways to choose the participant(s) you want to enroll: 
    1. Click on the Enroll contacts select field to easily select the participant(s) you want to enroll. You can also search for a specific name within this field. 
    2. By clicking on the search icon next to this field you can easily select multiple participants and search for contacts with a specific label. 
    3. By clicking on the Add contacts in bulk button, you can paste all email addresses (separate information by enter, space, ‘,’ , or ‘;’) of the participants you want to enroll. Only email addresses of existing contacts in Eduframe can be used. 
    4. By clicking on the Add contact button you can create a new contact (which doesn't exist in Eduframe yet) and select that person immediately to add to the order. 
  4. There are two ways of saving an order: 
    • When you Save the order (and not confirm the order), you will create a draft order with the status Requested. This means the enrollment is not created yet. Only confirmed orders will create enrollments. 
    • When you click on Save and confirm you will create a confirmed order which means the participant(s) will be enrolled to this course or program edition immediately.

For example: Participant James is enrolled for the course 'Google Analytics' starting on the 1st of November 2020. If the price of the order didn't exist (when choosing to be determined or free), no concept invoice was created. An invoice of an order will only be created when the order has a price.

2. Create order with sign up form

It is possible to connect your website to the sign up form of Eduframe. This way you don't have to add the orders manually. When a customer is visiting the website, it is possible to immediately enroll yourself into a course or program by filling in the sign up form. This order always gets the status requested in Eduframe. The admin still has to confirm the order before the enrollment is confirmed. However, there is also a setting available to skip this last step of manually confirming orders from signup. Go to Settings > Payment options and enable the Automatically confirm enrolments after (partial) payment option. With this setting, all (partially) paid orders will automatically be confirmed. 

With the sign up form, students (with or without account) can sign up for a specific course. After filling in the sign up form, an order is created in Eduframe. The sign up form can be created for a course template, program template, course edition or program edition.

To create a sign up form link for a course or program template you can follow the following steps:

  1. Click on Courses (global navigation)
  2. Click on tab Templates
  3. Click on one of the course or program templates. 
  4. When you are on the course or program template, copy the URL.
    For example the course template 'Google Analytics':
  5. Delete "/admin" from the URL
  6. Add "/signup" at then end of the URL
    For example:

To create a URL sign up form link for a course or program edition you can follow the following steps:

  1. Click on Courses (global navigation)
  2. Click on tab Courses or Program editions
  3. Click on one of the course or program editions.
  4. Scroll down to the field "Show course on signup" and copy the URL shown. Tip: this can be done by using the button next to the URL and will result in the copying of an URL like for example:

You can only see the signup form by using the signup form link in an incognito browser or a browser where you're not logged in as an admin or teacher.

- Make sure that there are existing active/planned course editions or program edition for that specific course template or program template. Otherwise you will get an error message that no courses/programs are scheduled yet. 
- If you only have active courses available, make sure the Show active courses on website setting is enabled. You can find this setting in the Account settings.
- Make sure that the checkbox of published on website on course edition is enabled. 'Published on website' actually means that the course is open for enrollment and the sign up form is accessible. 
- Make sure that in the education overview (Go to Courses > Templates) the switch on the right is enabled for both the course template and the linked category. This overrules the 'published on website' checkbox on the course edition level.  

More information

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Click here if you have any questions for support.

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