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  1. What are email actions 
  2. Where to find email Actions 
  3. How to create an Email Action

Do you want to plan specific emails for a course template? In this article we will show how to create email actions to plan emails based on the start or end date of the course.

What are email actions

Scheduled email templates are emails that are triggered by the start or end date of a course. Therefore these emails need to be created within a Course Template. Each time a new Course of this Course Template is planned, all these emails will be automatically scheduled. 

Note: if you add a new email action to a course template, this email action will not be applied to existing courses. New email actions will only be planned for newly created courses. 

Where to find email actions

  1. Go to "Courses" > "Templates" 
  2. Click on an already existing Course Template
  3. Click on the tab "Scheduled email templates"

How to create an email scheduled email 

  1. Click on the tab and select "Email". 
  2. Email Template: If you already created the Email Template on another Course Template, you can select the Email template here. If it is a new Email action, leave this field empty.

  3. Send: Specify when the email should be sent, based on the start or end date of the Course. 

  4. Title: Specify a title to identify this Email Template in Eduframe.
  5. From/To/BCC: Specify the email addresses that should be used as the sender/receiver/BCC by using tags from Eduframe. 
  6. Choose a subject for the email.
  7. Specify the message by using text, images, and tags
  8. Save the email template.
  9. Create a new Course for this Course Template. 
  10. Click on "Emails" in the timeline to see the scheduled Email templates.

More information

Click here for other about Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.


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