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You may need different contact information from participants for different products. Like food allergies for a cooking course or the social security number for an accredited training. And you might want to ask different information from participants and order contacts.

With Eduframe you can setup different contact registration forms. You can select the contact registration form you want to use for each product. This allows you to have a different contact signup for different (types of) products and contacts.

Create a contact registration form

  1. Make sure you have added at least one custom contact field (a custom field that is linked to a contact). Excluding the participant address, only custom contact fields can be added to a contact registration form. Go to 'Settings' > 'Forms' > 'Custom fields'
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Forms' > 'Contact registration forms' and add a new contact registration form. Or edit the default form. The default form is used by product templates by default and can also be changed.

  3. After adding the new contact registration form, or by clicking on the edit button next to an already existing form, you can add one or multiple custom contact fields to the form. This can be done for both the participant or order contact, using the blue tabs above the form.
    Note: it is only possible to add new fields if not all the fields are already added to the contact form. 
  4. After clicking on Save, the fields will be visible on the registration form.
    Optional: rename the form, so you can recognise it easily later on.

The custom contact field itself decides if the field is required on signup (e.g. the participant has to fill in the field to be able to complete signup). If you want to change this, you need to change the custom contact field in settings.

Select a contact registration form for a product template

  1. Go to 'Courses' > 'Templates', Open a category and open the product template you want to change.
  2. Select the contact registration form you want to use in the 'Signup contact registration form' dropdown and click 'Save'.
  3. Done! The product will use the selected contact registration form from now on. 

Adding the 'participant address' to the signup form

Using the toggle 'Show participant address field on registration form' you can add the partipant address to a selected contact registration form. This differs from adding other fields since this is no custom contact field, but a system contact field.

Adding a custom contact field makes the field available on the contact, in the admin portal. The contact registration forms decide if the field should be visible on signup or not. Click here to learn more about custom fields.

The information requested on signup by using the custom contact fields and contact registration forms is saved on the contact, not on the order or enrolment.

When you change the contact registration form in settings, all product templates that use the form will be updated automatically.

The setting "Required on signup?" on the custom contact field sets if the field has to be filled in by the participant on the signup, before being able to continue.

The basic contact fields (name and email) will always be visible on the registration form. This excludes the participant address. With the setting "Show participant address field on registration form" it is possible to ask the participant to fill in that system field.

More information

Click here for other articles around the settings page in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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