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What is a key contact? 


In Eduframe (as admin), it is possible to designate one or multiple contacts as the 'key contact' of an organisation. The key contact can place new orders for this organisation and can see all private products, enrollments, orders and invoice information from this organisation on the business portal.

An example of key contact can be the HR of a company. The HR can create new orders for all their employees and track progress. This way, employees don't have to place orders for Eduframe courses themselves.

Would you like normal contacts of an organisation to be able to create orders for themselves, on behalf of this organisation, as well? We can enable this for you on request. Contact us.

How is the key contact role assigned?


1. Automatic role assignment

The key contact role is automatically assigned when a contact creates a new organisation on the signup. When creating an organisation on the signup, the contact automatically becomes key contact for this organisation.

2. Manually assign the role

Go to Relations > Organisations and click on the organisation you want to assign a key contact to and click on the Contacts tab. 

Click on the 3 dots icon next to a contact and click on Assign key contact role. Now that contact has access to the business portal for that organisation.

Note: manually making a contact 'key contact' for an organisation with existing orders and students gives this contact access to this data and all other student and enrollment data that will be created for this organisation in the future. Because of this we advise to only assign the key contact role when a contact needs this access. And to remove the role when the contact no longer needs it.

The business portal

When logging into Eduframe key contacts will have the option to open the business portal for the organisation they are key contact for. Only key contacts of an organisation can access the business portal. Check this article if you have multiple roles and want to access the business portalHow to switch between views if you have multiple roles in Eduframe

What can a key contact see in the business portal? 


A key contact only has access to information of enrollments, orders, invoices and participants that are linked to orders that are placed through the organisation they are key contact for. So information that is linked to personal orders isn't visible in the business portal. A key contact can see the following information in the business portal: 

  • Enrollment information
    • Product template + edition name 
    • Status 
    • Result 
    • Grade 
    • Certificate 
  • Order information 
    • Order number 
    • Product template + edition name 
    • Amount of participants 
    • Total cost 
    • Date placed 
    • Order status
    • Private products 
  • Invoice information 
    • Invoice number 
    • Reference number 
    • Order number 
    • Total cost 
    • Date 
    • Status
  • Participant information
    • Name
    • Email adress
    • Enrollments
    • Calendar

Note: there is exception to the rule 'linked to orders that are placed through the organisation they are key contact for', which is described in the following article: Risks when using key-contacts and linking existing enrollments to personal programs.

What settings can I adjust within the business portal? 

Check this article: Student & Business portal settings

How to use your own brand colours in the business portal?

Check the following article: How to set up your brand identity in Eduframe?

More information

Click here for other Articles around the Settings in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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