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When can you access the student portal?

When a contact is created in Eduframe with an account, that person can access the student portal when logging in. An account means that the contact has login credentials to access Eduframe. These are sent per email when the account is created.

For more information about accounts check these articles: 
How to create a contact with an account?
How to check whether a contact has an account?

If you have multiple roles read the following article to learn how to access the student portal:

How to switch between portals if you have multiple roles in Eduframe

What can a student see after logging into Eduframe

When a participant logs into Eduframe the participant will open the student portal and will see:

  • Courses
    • In progress courses (active) 
    • Future courses (confirmed) 
    • Completed courses (completed and/or passed) 
  • Information on these courses
    • Course template name 
    • Course edition name 
    • Teachers (optional) 
    • Result/Grade/Certificate
  • Programs
    • Personal programs
    • Result/Grade/Certificate
  • Information on meetings (optional) 
    • Course name
    • Meeting name/date/time 
    • Meeting location 
    • Comment from the admin
  • Link to website/catalog in the Discover new button (optional)
  • Credits 
  • Orders 
  • Invoices (optional) 
  • Account information 
    • Personal information 
    • Reset password 
    • Enable Two-factor authentication (for more information click here)

Note: this concerns personal courses, programs, credits, etc. A participant can only see the products and results that belong to him/her.

Check this on how to set up all optional elements 

Note: The programs tab will only be shown when the educator uses programs

Note: The Discover new tab will only be shown when the educator has filled in a Catalog URL. To fill in a URL go to Settings > Student & Business portal > Student portal and fill in a URL in the Catalog URL field. This URL can send the participants to a website to discover new products.

What settings can I adjust within the student portal? 

Check this article: Student & Business portal settings

How can I add an image to a course card in the student portal? 

Check this article

How can I communicate meeting information to students 

Check this article

How can a participant add the Eduframe meetings to their own personal calendar? 

Check this article

How to use your own brand colours in the student portal?

Check this article: How to set up your brand identity in Eduframe?

More information

Click here for other Articles around the Settings in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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