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As an educator, you might want to offer long running programs with Eduframe, or simply programs that contain many courses. For this kind of programs you might want to group the courses part of these programs in blocks. This can serve multiple purposes:

  1. Reduce your administrative load, by making certain groups of courses re-usable within different contexts (programs).
  2. Allow participants to choose a minor (group of courses), as part of their personal program.


To make this possible, we introduced 'blocks'. Blocks will make it possible to group course templates, and to add these groups (blocks) to multiple (personal) programs. This way you can more easily build up big programs. Using evaluation elements, you can award an extra grade / score or certificate, when a block is completed as part of a program.
A program with blocks can be auto-completed just like a program with individual courses.

The 'blocks' feature is available for all customers that have the 'programs' feature activated.

Note: 'Programs' is a premium feature. You need this feature to be able to use 'blocks'. Contact your CSM if you are interested

Below you see the relation between program templates, program editions, blocks, course templates and course editions. Blocks are represented by the purple elements.

Create Blocks

Blocks can be found in Courses > Blocks. Here you find a list of all blocks and the possibility to edit and add blocks. 

To create a block click '+ Block'.

When a block is created, you can add elements to it by clicking '+ Element'. Select the desired course templates.
After adding course templates to a block, you can re-order and delete them.

Note: it is only possible to select existing course templates here. To create new ones, read more about templates.

Now your Block is ready to be used in a program.

Use a block in a program

Blocks can, just like course templates, be added to program editions as well as personal programs.
When added to a program, it is possible to add a new enrollment (course edition) for each course template within a block. Course editions can be selected on the edition ánd on the personal program. Just like with course templates outside of a block.

Using the evaluation element you can capture an additional score, grade and award a certificate. Without adding a course. Learn more.

Some things to be aware of:

  1. A block that is part of a program can no longer be deleted
  2. When you make changes to a block, the blocks already added to a program do not update, unless you delete and re-add the changed block to the program.
  3. It is not possible to add the same block twice.
  4. When adding a block to a (personal) program that contains a course that is also contained in the block or in the to be added block, the (personal) program may contain duplicate course templates/editions.

Delete blocks in a (personal) program

The admin can delete blocks and course templates on blocks, as well as blocks added on personal programs. The resulting behaviour is the same as with course (templates). Blocks already part of a personal program will remain part of the personal program, but will no longer show linked.

What blocks can and cannot do

Can do:

  1. A block can contain multiple course templates
  2. A block can be used in multiple programs
  3. A block can be sold separately, by making only that block part of a program (see image below)
  4. The order of course templates in a block can be changed
  5. A program can contain both blocks and courses next to each other (see image below).
  6. The block and evaluation element are not listed on the portals and the progress overview. As of now they are only visible to Admins. The content of blocks is visible for teachers / key-contacts / participants.

Cannot do:

  1. A block cannot have any 'website' information. It is not mentioned on the website. You can however mention the block as part of the program description which is shown on the website.
  2. A block is not a product, it cannot be listed on the website. You can however make only one block part of a program, which you can list on the website (see image below)
  3. A block is not mentioned as a separate card on the student and business portal.
  4. A block does not have editions. The program above and courses part of the block do have editions.
  5. A block cannot contain course editions. The course editions can be set on the program edition and personal program.
  6. A block cannot have enrollments. The program above and courses part of the block can however have enrollments.
  7. A block does not have a min-max amount of participants. The program above and courses part of the block can have this.
  8. A block does not send enrollment emails. The program above and courses part of the block can do this.
  9. A block cannot award a certificate, grade, score and does not have a completion state. An evaluation element can be used to be able to award extra results.
  10. A block cannot be added to the same (personal) program twice.

Vizualisation of two different program setups with blocks.

Help us help you

We are excited to learn more about your experience with 'blocks'. Let us know what you think, good or bad! You can do this by dropping us a line at our support desk. You can also contact us over there in case you would like a personal demo.

More information

Click here for other info about Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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