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Files, such as Word documents or PDFs, can be stored per student in StudyCoach. These files can be structured in folders. 


The files in StudyCoach add value by creating a place in Canvas where student-centered information can be documented for the purpose of student counseling. Multiple folders can be created per student. The folders and files remain linked to the student and remain visible in StudyCoach throughout that specific student's study duration. Besides that, a fixed folder structure can be set up that can be applied to multiple students, thus controlling the documentation structure.


Department coachManager

Note: This feature might be disabled by the manager.

Table of contents

  Create templates for a folder structure

  Create, edit, delete or fill a (sub)folder

Create templates for a folder structure

A manager can create a template, or empty folder structure. This empty template can later be filled with folders and files. To create a template, as a manager, navigate within StudyCoach to a student for whom the template is intended. Click on the 'Files' tab and select 'Templates'. You can then begin creating the template by clicking the 'Create new template' button. You will then enter a screen where you can define the empty template structure, by adding folders:

The manager and (department) coach can link the created template to students. To link a template to a student, go to this student in StudyCoach. Then, navigate to the 'Files'-tab. First, click on the button 'Templates'. Select an available template by clicking the circle, and click apply:
Then, click on the dropdown next to 'Structure'. Here you can link different templates to a student. Only the selected template will be visible to the student. Only one template can be active for one student at a time. If the desired template is not listed, you can always link it according to the explanation above. 

Create, edit, delete or fill a (sub) folder

A manager, a department coach, a coach, a teacher and a student can create (sub)folders. To add a folder to the folder structure, click on the 'Add folder' button. A folder will then appear that you can name and save by pressing 'Create. To create a subfolder, select the desired parent folder to which you want to add the subfolder. Then click on 'Add subfolder' and the subfolder can be saved the same way as the parent folder. 

A manager, a department coach, a coach, a teacher and a student can remove (sub)folders from templates as well. To delete a (sub)folder, select the (sub)folder you want to delete and click 'Delete'. 
Note: Files must first be removed from (sub)folders before (sub)folders can be removed.

A manager, a department coach, a coach, a teacher and a student can add files to fill the (sub)folders. To add a file, first select the (sub)folder to which you want to add the file. Click on the 'Add file' button and select the desired file. The file will then appear in the (sub)folder. 

When one has the permission to manage files, you can rename and delete foldersThe manager can adjust these rights in the settings. Here the manager selects which roles will be entitled to 'Manage files'. To edit a folder, click on the desired folder. Then click on the 'Rename' button, type a name and press 'Rename'. To delete files, click on the folder or file you want to delete and click 'Delete'. 


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