I want to get started as a coach

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This article explains how you can get started with StudyCoach as a coach

Table of contents

➤ STEP 1: Find out why StudyCoach can help you as a coach

➤ STEP 2: Follow the 15-minute introduction journey through StudyCoach

STEP 1: Find out why StudyCoach can help you as a coach

In the article '5 reasons why to use StudyCoach' you can dive into what StudyCoach will help you with as a coach (or as a mentor, tutor or similar role). 

Many institutions also create a 'Why StudyCoach?'-statement (see template), which describes why StudyCoach is important for the success of your institution. If this is the case, you will receive this statement via e-mail or another internal communication channel.

STEP 2: Follow the 15-minute introduction journey through StudyCoach

Have you read Step 1? This means you're ready for a 15-minute introduction journey through StudyCoach. Please perform the tasks below. Good luck!  

Disclaimer: Each institute carefully selects which functionalities of StudyCoach are the most suitable to reach their own goals. The underneath journey is a general list containing the most common StudyCoach features. However, StudyCoach may be configured differently for your institute specifically. Therefore, feel free to only follow the tasks in this journey that are relevant for you. 

Access StudyCoach

☐ Access StudyCoach through the Global navigation menu. 

  Tip: Do you need help accessing StudyCoach? Consult the article 'Access to StudyCoach'.

Explore your Coach dashboard
You have now entered your dashboard. In this dashboard, an overview of all students you are guiding is displayed. 

 Link the following behavioral indicators (A, B, C, D) to the matching description (1, 2, 3, 4). The correct answers can be found at the bottom of this article. 

A - Page views
B - Participation
C - Submission
D - Attendance

1 - For each registration a score is assigned when a student hands in an assignment with a deadline.
2 - For each registration a score is assigned of the presence of a student in (online) class.
3 - The number of times a student has visited pages in Canvas.
4 - The number of active participations of a student in Canvas, e.g. in quizzes, assignments or 

☐ Filter only the students in the dashboard with a red dot for submission by clicking on the filter icon next to 'Submission'.

 Choose one student and pin this student at the top of your Dashboard by clicking the pin-icon.

Write down the colors and percentages for each behavioral indicator of this student. Discover what these percentages mean in the article 'Behavioral indicators'. 
Disclaimer: If a specific behavioral indicator is not visible to you, this means it is disabled by your institution.

Add a label to this student. This label is not visible to teachers nor the student but can help you in collaborating with Managers, Department Coaches, and future Coaches of this student.

 Click on the students' name to navigate to the individual dashboard of the student. 

  Tip: Interested in the calculation behind the behavioral indicators in StudyCoach? Read more in the article 'How behavioral indicators are calculated'.  Are you interested in tips and tricks to use your dashboard in an efficient way? Check out the articles 'Coach dashboard' and 'Labels'. 

Explore the tab 'Program'
You have entered a students' individual dashboard on program level. The data represented here is the average data across courses. A student with access to StudyCoach will see the same information here as you do. 

Change the term and the account filter in the upper right corner of the page, if this is possible. Watch the change.

Write a note to only yourself and include a file. 
Disclaimer: If notes and notifications are not visible to you, this means these are disabled by your institution. You can then move on to 'Explore the tab 'Courses''.

☐ Edit the note by deleting the file.

☐ Now delete the private note. 

☐ Find out if you have received any notifications so far. 

  Tip: Interested in how can be filtered on terms and accounts in StudyCoach? See the article 'Student list'. Do you want to know more about messages? Read the page about 'Notes & Messaging' and 'Notifications'. 

Explore the tab 'Courses'
Click the 'courses' tab to see a students' individual dashboard on courses level. The data here is presented for the active courses the student is subscribed to. Students see the same data here as you do.

☐ Compare the behavioral indicators of the courses: is there any data standing out? 

☐ Compare the grades of the different courses. If you have been assigned the observer role for this student, you can enter the Gradebook of a course by clicking on the Gradebook icon. 

☐ Click on a specific course. Write a message to only the teacher(s) of this course.

  Tip: Do you want to know what an observer role is? Read the article about the 'Observer role'.

Explore the tab 'Files'
By clicking on the 'files' tab, you will see student-centered (already) existing folders and files. Depending on the institute's StudyCoach settings, a student may be able to add and edit files as well. 
Disclaimer: If folders and files are not visible to you or editable for you, this means these options are disabled by your institution. You can then move on to 'Explore the tab 'Coach''.

☐ Create a test-folder. 

☐ Add a test-document to the test-folder of the student. 

☐ Delete the test-document as well as the test-folder. 

  Tip: Wanting to explore the possibilities in a folder structure? Read the article about 'Folders & Files'. For a best practice you can check out the case of 'ROC van Twente'.

Explore the tab 'Coach'
By clicking on the 'coach' tab, you will see the coach history of a student. It might be valuable to know who have previously been assigned as a coach to this student. 

☐ Write down the number of times this student changed coach. 

Explore the tab 'Learning Outcomes'
Finally, enter the students' individual dashboard on learning outcomes by clicking on the 'learning outcomes' tab. The data in this tab is presented for active courses a student is subscribed to and summarized in the top row across multiple courses. A students' learning curve can be monitored here easily, as the development of learning outcomes is displayed across courses. Students see the same data here as you do. 

Disclaimer: If learning outcomes are not visible to you, this means it is disabled by your institute. You can skip this step.

☐ Select two courses out of all courses.

☐ Select two learning outcomes you would like to dive into. Discover what the data on these learning outcomes mean in the article 'Learning Outcomes Overview'.

? Congratulations! You have now finished your 15-minute introduction journey through StudyCoach. 

Want more?

  1. Feel free to deep dive into the features of StudyCoach with the other articles on this knowledge base. 
  2. Interested in how other institutes are using StudyCoach? Check out the 'Customer stories'

*Answers to link the behavioral indicators to descriptions: A3, B4, C1, D2.


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