Release notes - February 2020

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The last few weeks we have been busy with a big update on the Qualtrics LTI. We are happy to announce that the Qualtrics LTI now supports the use of multiple Qualtrics organizations and accounts in one Canvas environment! In addition to this, we improved the admin settings page with a familiar and easy overview of all settings

Making managing surveys easier

In the Qualtrics LTI settings you will find a navigation bar, all settings are now divided in categories of related settings. This way, you will no longer have to scroll endlessly to find what you need. With the new navigation bar you can access the following categories:


➡️ General settings (1) is where you can enter a support mail address. Users can use this email for their questions.

➡️ In Add Qualtrics domains (2) you can add different Qualtrics domains and decide if teachers can use their own surveys.

➡️ With the Connect to Qualtrics (3) tab you can link the Qualtrics domain(s) to your Canvas environment on both root and sub-account level. Not planning on using the sub-account functionality? Then this screen will simply contain the Qualtrics domain you have been using all along. 

➡️ The Add Canvas data fields (4) tab allows you to add and manage data fields.

➡️ If you are using the sub-account functionality, you can use the permissions tab (5) to organize the right for sub-account admins.


Want more information? Find our user guide here: Tutorials on the new admin settings page. 

Adding more than one Qualtrics organization and account

With the new update each Canvas sub-account can link their own Qualtrics account. These Qualtrics accounts can come from any Qualtrics domain. This will be convenient when your departments have their own Qualtrics account or even their own Qualtrics domain. 


Canvas root-account admins now have a better overview of institute surveys as department surveys can be managed from the specific department sub-account. Which makes everything a lot easier to manage. The root-account will no longer get cluttered with surveys that are only for a specific department. 


An added bonus is that department surveys are only visible in courses under that department, so department specific surveys can no longer accidentally be used in courses of a different department

Root-account admin vs sub-account admin

The root account admin will be in charge of the integration. As a root account admin you add and manage Qualtrics domains, define data fields and organize permissions of teachers and sub-account admins. You will also be responsible for surveys that are used institute wide.


A sub-account admin can set up surveys for the courses under a specific department (if given the rights by the root account admin). These surveys can come from an account in one of the Qualtrics domains the root account admin provided. Within the surveys you can use the data fields the root account admin has defined.


If you would like to use this new functionality, please contact us ( We will provide you with the necessary steps for this update or we can schedule a call if you want us to do the update for you.  


A full tutorial about the new admin overviews can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding the Qualtrics LTI, feel free to contact

Qualtrics team | DRIEAM

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