Release notes - August 2020

Modified on Fri, 21 Jan 2022 at 01:13 PM

In the last few months, we have been busy with a massive update on the Qualtrics LTI. We are happy to announce that the Qualtrics LTI now has a new look and feel, advanced sub-account support, and a lot more.

New look and feel

We strive to make our Qualtrics integration as straight forward and streamlined as possible. Therefore we have given it a subtle makeover to make it more in line with Qualtrics.

Advanced sub-account support

When creating an assignment you can now add surveys from all of the Canvas sub-accounts above that course. The root account admin can easily decide which sub-accounts are allowed to use the Qualtrics integration via the new sub account manager. This feature can be found in the admin settings.

New data flow

The way of sending data between Qualtrics and Canvas has changed. Each survey will now make a request for embedded data. This way we have more control of: 

1. who sees the embedded data (the student now no longer has access)

2. whether or not there was a manipulation in the embedded data 

3. whether or not the person filling out the survey is filling it out from Canvas

In order to move to this new way of sending data, the user should move to the new version using the data migration function:

Response rates

The linked assignments tab shows the number of responses for a survey in addition to how many students were allowed to do the assignments.


Qualtrics LTI now allows you to add labels to your surveys. This way you can easily organize and search for one or multiple surveys. Labels can be created in the labels overview and can be added to a survey in the survey settings.

Deleting old surveys

All surveys can now be removed from the Qualtrics integration. Surveys that have responses in Canvas will get the following warning when trying to remove them. 

Other news

The scopes of the developer keys of Qualtrics LTI were updated. This was necessary to display the response rate as well as the advanced sub-account support. Please find the current scopes of Qualtrics LTI below:



url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/users (with includes enabled)




If you have any questions regarding our Qualtrics LTI or the topics in this newsletter, feel free to contact

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