Release notes - October 2021

Modified on Fri, 21 Jan, 2022 at 1:14 PM

Qualtrics LTI

Accessibility Update


October 2021

Dear read,

We bring you another big update this month! We have been busy increasing the accessibility of Qualtrics LTI by adhering to web standards and are looking forward to sharing these changes with you.



Header & Menu

The main screen already contains some major changes. First of all the menu button now contains the text 'Menu' to clarify its use and increase its visibility.  The menu now also has a new design with increased size, new icons, and a changed order. 


Additionally, a new menu item called 'My survey overview' has been added to quickly navigate to the home page of Qualtrics LTI. Tiny details, such as more white space between the logo and other parts of the interface have been altered to improve the readability. Short descriptions have been added throughout the app as well, to further clarify the interface and warn if a 'content switch' might occur (for example; based on the grading type selected, an extra dropdown becomes visible for an additional setting)


The 'Return to survey overview' hyperlink has been replaced by a more obvious 'Return' button. This return button is now easier to find in the user interface by sight or accessibility software.



(Text) Spacing & Accessibility 

To highlight the difference and the impact each setting has on the other, the survey grading and survey submissions on the survey details screen have been split up into tables.


The information boxes now contain a 'Close' button to improve compatibility with accessibility software. However, the information box can still be opened by hovering over the icon, and closed by moving the mouse away from the icon.


We also implemented aria-labels on all elements that only visibly indicate their purpose (e.g., toggles)



Date picker

When setting up a bulk survey and selecting 'now' as the date/time, it may happen that a minute passes, and the bulk survey is not able to generate because the publish or creation time is in the past. To prevent this,  the time selection steps of the publish date have been reduced to 15 minutes. 


It is now also possible to save the date selection by clicking outside of the selection picker, eliminating the need for pressing 'ok'. With the only exception for the date range picker.


Furthermore, the creation date of a bulk survey can't be set with a time anymore. This would happen during one of our nightly syncs so it was inaccurate before.



Small fixes

  • Success messages are now staying in the view of a user. No need to scroll up anymore to see if the save was successful!
  • Many small adjustments to the padding on the home page, pop-ups, etc
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a warning screen would show up for less than a second when setting up notifications. 
  • We removed the API Count data fields since Canvas changed its way of returning responses. However, if you still need this data field, there is a workaround using a custom API value. Please contact in case you need help setting this up!

If you have any questions regarding our Qualtrics LTI or the topics in this newsletter, feel free to contact


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