How to use in-class surveys with a QR Code

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Welcome to the user guide for creating an in-class survey with a QR Code. If something is unclear, feel free to reach out to our support here.

 In-class surveys with QR codes are an optional feature which can be enabled or disabled by the root account admin. If you don't see the option to select in-class surveys, please contact your root account admin.


  1. What are in-class surveys?
  2. How to create an in-class survey
  3. Adding the survey to a Canvas assignment
  4. Copy and use the QR code in slides, handouts etc.

What are in-class surveys?

In-class surveys can be used during lectures where the teacher will provide a QR code to the students. Via scanning the QR code students fill out the survey. Like standard Qualtrics LTI surveys, the in-class survey type can be added to any Canvas assignment.

The images below show what students and/or course participants will see after the in-class survey has been set up.

Img. 1 - What the students see

Img. 2 - What the teacher sees, the teacher is in control when it comes to the distribution of the survey.

How to create an in-class survey
First, go to the survey overview page. Now, click on the 'Add survey' (1) button.

You will be asked which type of survey you would like to set-up. Click on the in-class survey option.

Next, you can set the details for your survey.You can decide to enable submissions after the due date. This option is useful if you want students or course participants to fill in the survey even after class had ended.
Due to the nature of in-class surveys, not all options are available under the survey set-up tab. Be careful when selecting embedded data. In-class surveys are not able to capture student-specific data, since they are not identified when scanning the QR code.

Adding an in-class survey to a Canvas assignment

You start by creating a new assignment in Canvas. We recommend giving the assignment a title but not a description to keep the view for students as simple as possible. If you do want to add additional information we recommend adding this as static text to the first block of your Qualtrics survey.

You can set up the first part of the assignment as you would with any other assignment. Next, set the 'Submission type' to External tool (1). You can click on 'Find' (2) to select the Qualtrics LTI.

You can click on 'Find' (2) to select the Qualtrics LTI.

The following screen will appear. Here you can select the in-class survey you wish to add to the assignment. The type of  the survey in indicated behind the name of the survey.

After selecting the desired survey, you can edit both the survey and Canvas assignments settings to how you prefer. 

The QR Code will become visible to students and/or course participants depending on how you set the due date and the availability date(s) in the Canvas assignment settings.

Copy and use the QR code in slides, handouts, etc.

After setting up the assignment the QR code will come visible when you view the assignment. The QR will be displayed like below. Click on the button 'Copy QR code' to copy the QR code to your clipboard. You can paste the QR code in - for example - presentations, handouts, and documents that will be shared with course participants. 

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