Where to access Qualtrics LTI as an Admin

Modified on Thu, 22 Feb 2024 at 10:04 AM

This article explains how to access the Qualtrics LTI as an institute admin and as a department admin in Canvas. 


The Qualtrics LTI can be found in the “Admin” tab in Canvas Global Navigation. There are slightly different steps to accessing the Qualtrics LTI depending on if you want to access Institute surveys or Department surveys. 

Department Surveys [For Department Admins]

To access Department surveys, go to the “Admin” tab in Canvas Global Navigation, then click on your department. From there, click on “Qualtrics LTI” (Image A). This will take you to the Department surveys page (Image B).

Image A

Image B 

Institute Surveys [For Institute Admins] 

To access Institute surveys, go to the “Admin” tab in Canvas Global Navigation, and then click on your institution. Next, click on the Qualtrics LTI (Image A). This will take you to the Institute Surveys page (Image C). Note that Institute surveys are only available to institute admins at the root account level – department admins will not be able to access Institute surveys. 

Image C

From the Institute Surveys page you can add new institute surveys and manage the admin settings, bulk surveys, and embedded data fields from the Menu button in the top right-hand corner. 

See the GIF below for the steps to access Institute Surveys. Note that the only difference in steps to take to access Department surveys vs. Institute surveys are to click on your department or institution in the Admin tab. In the GIF below, the “Institution” is called “Drieam Live Demo,” but this will have a different name in your Canvas account. 



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