How to get started with personal surveys

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Welcome to the quick start guide for using the Qualtrics LTI with personal surveys. Here you can find comprehensive information about all types of settings and options. If something is unclear, feel free to reach out to our support here.


  1. Why personal surveys? and how to access your surveys.
  2. Add surveys
  3. Adding a Qualtrics survey to a Canvas Assignment


The main blue button on the homepage allows you to quickly navigate to all relevant content of Qualtrics LTI.

With the Return to survey overview button shown on all Qualtrics LTI pages, you can always easily return to the overview of surveys.

Furthermore, most settings contain the following symbol:

You can hover over these icons for additional information if necessary.

Why personal surveys? And how to access your surveys

The root account administrator manages surveys that can be used by all teachers in all departments. However, in some cases, a teacher or educational developer wants to use surveys from their personal Qualtrics account. If the root account administrator allows personal surveys, you will find Qualtrics LTI under your account in the global navigation in Canvas (1).

After clicking on Qualtrics LTI, you will be asked in which Qualtrics domain you want to log in to. Please select the Qualtrics domain in which you want to start using your personal surveys. 

Next, you can log in with your Qualtrics username and password. 

After a successful log-in, you have access to all your personal surveys. Click on the 'Add survey' button to add your surveys to Canvas.

Depending on the set-up of the Qualtrics LTI; you can now decide whether to set-up a regular Canvas assignment survey or to create a survey accessible via a QR code for in-class sessions. 

You will see the screen below where you can select one or multiple surveys, adding them to the Qualtrics LTI:

After adding surveys you can always see them in the overview as shown below. Here you can also check how many assignments the survey is linked to (2), what the status of the survey in Qualtrics (3) is, and if the survey is enabled to be used in Canvas (4). Finally, you can also visit your Qualtris account (5).

Adding a Qualtrics Survey to a Canvas assignment

You start by creating a new assignment in Canvas. We recommend giving the assignment a title but not a description to keep the view for students as simple as possible. If you do want to add additional information we recommend adding this as static text to the first block of your Qualtrics survey.

You can set up the first part of the assignment as you would with any other assignment. Next, set the 'Submission type' to External tool (1). You can click on 'Find' (2) to select the Qualtrics LTI.

The following screen will appear. Here you can select the survey you wish to add to the assignment. After selecting the desired survey, you can edit a few settings as shown below.

Some surveys may contain the embedded data table. The data in this table is sent with the survey. Some of these data fields might be pre-filled while others you can set yourself. Click the “Select” button to add the survey to the assignment. You will be automatically redirected to the assignment settings where you can “Save” or “Save & Publish” your assignment.

We also prepared a short video on "How to create and publish a survey in Canvas as an assignment"!

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