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This article goes over the different parts of the Qualtrics LTI home page. 

Above you can see what a Qualtrics LTI home page looks like. The one pictured is for “Your Surveys,” but the page layout for Department Surveys and Institute Surveys is the same as well. 

  1. Navigation: In the top banner here you will see either “Your Surveys,” “Department Surveys,” or “Institute Surveys.” This tells you on which level of the Qualtrics LTI you are in. 

  2. Survey Icon: Here you can see the types of surveys (in the image above, a “Standard Canvas Assignment” is shown and depicted as a single page in a blue circle. Other survey types, such as In-Class Assignments or Bulk Surveys, have different icons. Hovering over the icon reveals the type of survey. 

  3. Survey Name: Under the “Survey Name” column you can see the survey as it was originally named in Qualtrics. If you click on the survey name, this will take you to the Survey details page where you can further adjust the survey settings, labels, and embedded data fields. For more information on configuring survey settings, please see this help article

  4. Linked assignments: Here you can see how many assignments are using the survey. In the image above, the survey has not yet been added to any assignments in Canvas, so the “Linked assignments” number is 0. To see which assignments your survey is linked to, click on the survey name to open the survey details page and go to the “Linked assignments” tab. 

  5. Status: The survey status must be “Unarchived” in order for that survey to be added to a Canvas assignment. When “Archived,” the survey will remain inside the integration but you won’t be able to add it to any assignment. This can, for example, be useful when you have a survey that you use for experimenting but don’t want to accidentally add it to a Canvas assignment.

  6. Add Surveys: The “+ Add survey” button is used to connect an existing Qualtrics survey to Canvas. After clicking on this button you will see a pop-up list with all your published Qualtrics surveys where you can select the survey you want to add to Canvas. It is important to first create and publish a survey in Qualtrics, and then it will be available for you to add within the Qualtrics LTI. More information on this process of adding surveys is discussed in further help articles. 

  7. Menu: The “Menu” button can be used to navigate to other parts of the tool. This is the only button where the options differ depending on if you are in “Your Surveys,” “Department Surveys,” or “Institute Surveys.” 

    1. Your Surveys: From the Menu button of “Your Surveys,” you can view which Data Fields you can use, return to your survey overview home page, and create and edit labels. You can also go directly to Qualtrics. 

    2. Department & Institute Surveys: From these Qualtrics LTI pages for Admins, there are more menu options such as Bulk surveys, adding Embedded Data Fields, Qualtrics LTI Set-Up, and Settings. Note that some of these menu options (Bulk surveys, adding Embedded Data Fields, and Qualtrics LTI Set-Up) are only available for institute admins. 

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