Survey Settings: Grading & Submissions

Modified on Thu, 28 Dec 2023 at 02:47 PM

This article explains the different options for configuring your survey settings. 


Once you have added your survey to the Qualtrics LTI, you will be brought to the Survey page where you can toggle between the survey details, settings, data fields, and linked assignments tabs (see the image below). For configuring the survey settings, select the “Settings” tab as shown in the image below. 

On the survey settings tab in the Qualtrics LTI, you can configure survey grading preferences, submission types allowed, and a few other settings options.  

Survey Grading 

On the left side of the survey settings page, you will find the survey grading options. Here you can choose whether or not a submission is made in Canvas and how this submission will be graded. The four options are as follows: 

Each option for having a Canvas submission and how the grade will be registered is useful in certain contexts. 

  • If you would like a fully anonymous survey, choose “No Canvas submission > Grade not registered.”

  • For Qualtrics surveys with scoring: select "With canvas submission > Grade is the percentage of the Qualtrics score"

  • To create a checkmark in the grade book or to assign a grade: select "With Canvas submission > Grade is the assignment maximum score" (this is recommended for course evaluations). To create a checkmark, make sure the Canvas assignment has the "Complete/Incomplete" submission type.

    • Note that the survey does not have to count towards the final grade, this setting can be selected in the Canvas assignment settings page. 

To give an example of a common grading use case: if your survey is an end of course evaluation, having a Canvas submission could be useful to track who has and has not completed the survey. An assignment maximum score can later be configured in the Canvas assignment settings to be set to Complete/Incomplete, Points, Percentage, and other options. 

The "No Canvas submission > Grade not registered" option is useful if you would like to have a fully anonymous survey that is not tracked in Canvas.

Submission Type 

On the right side of the survey settings page, you can see the dropdown menu with different submission options (shown in the image below). 

There are 3 submission types to choose from: 

  • Allow multiple submissions: Student can submit the survey many times and Qualtrics can have multiple submissions per student

  • Limit to 1 submission: One response per student in Canvas and in Qualtrics 

  • Allow submission update: Students can update their submission in Canvas but Qualtrics will hold only the most recent submission 

Other Setting Configurations 

There are three checkboxes that can be selected on the bottom right hand corner of the survey settings page. 

Enable submission after assignment due date

    Enabling this setting allows students to submit the survey as long as they have access to it, even if the due date has passed. 

Show Submission in Canvas SpeedGrader

    Enabling this setting will allow all Canvas users with 'view all grades' permission, like instructors and admins, to view submissions in the SpeedGrader and submission details.

Show submission to student

    Enabling this setting will allow students to see their last submission in the submission details.

When you are done configuring your survey settings, be sure to click “Save” in the bottom right hand corner. 

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