The last few weeks we have been busy with a small update on the Qualtrics LTI. We are happy to announce that Qualtrics LTI integration supports reviewing and grading submissions through Speedgrader or view a submission via the submission details. 

View submissions

Qualtrics LTI integration now supports the display of survey submissions. You can enable this new feature by enabling the "Show submission to Canvas users with 'view all grades' permission" setting.

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In order to assess surveys in an efficient way, Qualtrics LTI integration displays survey submission in the Speedgrader. Canvas users that have the permission to view all grades have the option to review the survey submission. Canvas users that also have the permission to edit grades can on top of reviewing the survey submissions, provide comments or grade submissions.

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What happens to my enabled surveys?

By default all enabled surveys will not be visible for Canvas users with the 'view all grades' permission. Therefore, they do not have access to student submissions.


Can I use this new functionality to display existing submissions? Yes! You can simply change the setting and the existing submissions will be visible to those users. 

If you have any questions regarding the Qualtrics LTI, feel free to contact

     Qualtrics team | DRIEAM