Planned downtime

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At Drieam we are constantly working to improve Eduframe. In general, we roll out updates and improvements without bringing the application down. In some exceptional cases the application does need to be brought down, which we plan in advance and inform our customers on. We call this planned downtime.

FAQs: what to expect from planned downtime?

1. Does planned downtime also result in a participant not being able to open Eduframe?

Yes, all Eduframe portals are down. This includes the student, teacher and business portal.

2. Can the participant still login to Canvas?

This depends on the login setup used. In case of you a participant can no longer log in to Canvas since you use Eduframe as identity provider and Eduframe is down.

3. Can the participant still use Canvas, in case he/she was already logged in?

The functionality of Canvas is unaffected. Users cannot login through the Eduframe login page. If a user was already logged in, the user can still use Canvas.

4. Will emails scheduled during planned downtime still be sent

In general sending these emails will start immediately after the application is up. No action required. If this is not the case we will explicitly inform you about this.

5. Is there any influence on the website?

The website is unaffected. Only the signup page (which is Eduframe) will be unavailable.

6. What kind of information message do we show to users that try to reach Eduframe?

The following page:

7. Do I need to do anything after the maintenance has been done?

No, after maintenance has been done Eduframe will work like expected. Better still: it will work even better, since maintenance has been done.

8. Do you inform all users on planned downtime?

No, we only email our contact points per customer. We will not email the end users (participants, teachers, key contacts) 

9. Can you inform me on any future planned downtime as well?

Sure: send us a request at

More information

Click here for other info about Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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