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As an admin you see the global navigation of Eduframe on top of the screen. Wherever you are in Eduframe, you will always see the global navigation on top.  

Click on Tasks


Create tasks and assign them to a contact, attach it to a course template or course, add a due date and description. These tasks are specific for use in Eduframe. The tasks you create can be seen in the timeline of the specific topic.

It is only possible to assign a task to one contact. 
It is only possible to attach a task to one part of Eduframe.

Create task 

When you are in the tab tasks, you can create a task by clicking on + Task. You can give this task a title, assign it to one contact, attach it to a part in Eduframe (template, programs, courses, contacts, invoices, organizations and orders), add a due date and a description. 

When mail template for tasks is enabled, contacts will receive a mail notification about their assigned task. 

Tabs Tasks

There are three tabs in Tasks. 

  1. To do list is the total overview of all the tasks. Here you can find all the tasks that are created. 
  2. My tasks there you will the tasks only assigned to you. 
  3. Completed are the tasks that are completed. You can complete a task by checking it. 

In tasks you can work with stars to highlight some of the tasks. 

Next to that there is the possibility to filter on tasks:

  • by due date or favorite
  • by topic/subject

Tasks in course edition timeline

Tasks can also be found and created in course editions at the tab 'General'.

Tasks templates at course templates

Tasks can also be created in course templates at the tab 'Task templates'. Task templates are tasks that are planned relative to the start or end date of a course. Therefore these tasks need to be created within a Course Template. Each time a new Course of this Course Template is planned, all these tasks will be automatically be added to the course timeline.

More information

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Click here if you have any questions for support.

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