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Click on Opportunities

Sometimes a number (or counter) is shown next to the word Opportunities. This counter is the amount of opportunities with the status Prospect and Waiting list. 


Opportunities in Eduframe is a small CRM part. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system helps you manage your customer data and support for sales management. 

Important notes: 
- It is possible to connect opportunities to both course templates and editions as well as to program templates and editions. 
- You can add one or more product templates/editions to one opportunity.
- There are five statuses for an opportunity: archived, not interested, prospect, waiting list and enrolled.
- You can filter on: courses, owners, labels and status.

- You can export the opportunity information in a .xlsx file (Excel spreadsheet). Click on Export. 

There are two ways to use opportunities in Eduframe: 

  1. You can add opportunities as an admin in Eduframe
  2. You can integrate opportunities in Eduframe with a website or other tools.

1. Add opportunities as an admin

If you want to enter opportunities manually you can do that by clicking on + Opportunity. Then you will see the following screen (see image below). Here you can fill in the opportunity: opportunity information, interested in, contact (already exists in Eduframe), organisation (already exists in Eduframe), contact temporary information. It is not mandatory to fill in all the fields. 

Labels and statuses can be used to organize and filter the opportunities. The 'Waiting list' status can be used if a course (edition) is full, but you want record interested people. The status is also sometimes used as on a course template if there is no next scheduled edition yet.

Then, if a new course edition is added or if a participant cancels and therefore there becomes a spot available, you can go to Opportunities and filter on the status (and on the course) or go to the Opportunity tab on the course or program itself, then it is made very easy to contact the person(s) on the list if they still want to register.

Don't forget to set up the labels in the settings first if you want to connect them directly when you are creating an opportunity. 

2. Add opportunities from your website

It is possible to connect buttons on your website to opportunities in Eduframe. This way you don't have to add the opportunities manually. It is possible to do so via the Eduframe API. All fields described above can be set.  

So when a course is full or there is no new edition planned, on the website a link to a form from which an opportunity is created can be shown instead of a link to the signup. Add a status 'Prospect' or 'Waiting list' to the lead via the API as a status to manage these opportunities, see API documentation for more info.

3. Integrate opportunities with other CRM systems

It is possible to connect opportunities in Eduframe with other CRM systems. For example: Salesforce, AFAS or Zendesk. 

More information

Click here for other Articles around the Settings page in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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