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At Drieam we are constantly working to improve Eduframe. Are you curious about the changes coming to Eduframe?

We maintain a separate environment where the coming version of Eduframe can be seen and tested. This is the so called staging environment. The name we use for the regular Eduframe environment is production.

Staging environment

Any new Eduframe features, bug fixes and other improvements will be available on staging before becoming publicly available. Minor improvements will only be available there for a few days or less before they become public on production. Bigger features, like a new portal for students, might be available on staging for over a month. Sometimes we refer to features being available on staging for testing, in the form of a 'beta' in the newsletter. That way we would like to inform you on the possibility to check out and test a new (beta) feature.

Things you should know about staging

  • Staging should only be used for testing. It is not meant for regular use. No support can be delivered on using Eduframe staging.
  • The data on staging is not persisted forever. For testing purposes the data of production is copied over to staging at least every first day of the month and possibly more often. Hence, any changes made on staging can be lost at any time.
  • Since staging is the latest and greatest version of Eduframe, which is not released yet, you might encounter a bug or two. If you do encounter a bug, we'd still be more then happy to hear from you.
  • No emails can be sent from Eduframe on staging.

Want access to staging?

Thank you for your interest in the latest and greatest version of Eduframe! Drop us a line at our support desk and we'll make sure to give you access. You do need to be an existing customer though.

How to access staging?

Once given access, staging can be accessed using the URL structure below. When requiring access we will send you the exact URLs and inform you on when your account is expected to be copied over from production to staging.


Eduframe production

Eduframe staging


{customer-name} needs to be replaced with your own Eduframe subdomain.

Login credentials

Once every while all data on production will be copied over to staging, this includes your login credentials. Once given access, you can use the same credentials you use for Eduframe production to log in on Eduframe staging.

Important note: staging should only be used for testing. Your data on staging can be removed and/or overwritten at any time. No rights can be derived from using staging.

Note: when you change your credentials on production these will be copied over to staging as well, when the data copy takes place.

More information

Click here for other info about Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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