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You can send feedback requests to people who have access to your portfolio in Portflow. In a feedback request, you specify what you would like to receive feedback on. A notification will be sent to this person. 

Sending a feedback request

Make sure the user you would like to ask to provide feedback is invited to your collection or portfolio

On the collection or evidence page, click on 'request feedback'

  1. Select the role from which you would like to request feedback
  2. Select the person you want to request feedback from 
  3. Select the ultimate date you would like to receive the feedback
  4. Carefully describe what you are requesting feedback on 
  5. Click on 'send

The user will receive a notification of your request. As soon as the user responds, you will receive a notification. You can see the status of your feedback requests on the 'My evidence' page.

Be aware! You can only send feedback requests to users who have access to your portfolio/collection. A user must first accept your invitation to your portfolio, otherwise, the feedback request will not be visible.

Responding to a Feedback Request

If you have access to another user's collection or portfolio in Portflow, you may receive feedback requests. You will receive a notification of this with details of what feedback is requested. An overview of all feedback requests can be managed in the ‘feedback request’ tab of the ‘my access and requests’ page, which is searchable and can be sorted according to suggested due date or request date. 

  1. Click on the notification bell or go to the ‘feedback requests’ tab on the ‘my access and request’ page to open a feedback request.
  2. You can click on 'Reply' within a portfolio
  3. Select the role from which you are providing feedback
  4. Leave your feedback in the user's portfolio
  5. If necessary, attach a file, record audio or video feedback (screen recording or webcam)
  6. Submit to complete your feedback request
  7. Select 'complete' in the overview to remove it (my access and requests), or click the image in the notification menu (click the bell).

Posting unsolicited feedback

It's possible to post unsolicited feedback on a collection or evidence within a portfolio that you have access to. This can be your own portfolio (e.g. reflection), or someone else's.

  1. Go to the collection or evidence you want to post feedback on.
  2. Click on 'Add comment'
  3. Follow the same steps as when responding to a feedback request (above).

Feedback will be labeled with the visitor's name, version and a timestamp. If the feedback is placed in someone else's portfolio, they will receive a notification. Others are able to respond to your comment. 

Note: Comments imported from the LMS cannot be replied to

Editing feedback

It's possible to edit your feedback on a collection or evidence. You can also remove or add attachments.

  1. Navigate to your comment
  2. Click the three dots next to your comment
  3. Select 'edit comment'
  4. Make your changes in the text, role and attachments
  5. Click 'Submit' to finish editing

The comment will be labeled 'edited'

Hide comments and feedback

The portfolio owner can hide feedback and comments from themselves and others.

  1. Navigate to the comment you wish to hide
  2. Click the three dots next to the comment
  3. Select 'Hide'

The hidden comment will be invisible in the feedback section, but a note is made of a hidden comment. 

Hidden feedback can be restored.

  1. Navigate to the comment you wish to reveal
  2. Click the three dots next to the comment
  3. Select 'Reveal'

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