You may need different contact information from participants for different products. Like food allergies for a cooking course or the social security number for an accredited training.

Eduframe offers re-usable contact registration forms. You can select the contact registration form you want to use for each product. This allows you to ask different contact information on the registration form for different (types of) products. 

Create a contact registration form

  1. Make sure you have added at least one custom contact field (a custom field that is linked to a contact). Only custom contact fields can be added to a contact registration form. Go to 'Settings' -> 'Forms' -> 'Custom fields'
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Forms' -> 'Contact registration forms' and add a new contact registration form. Or edit the default form. The default form is used by product templates by default and can also be changed.

  3. After adding the new contact registration form, or by clicking on the edit button next to an already existing form, you can add one or multiple custom contact fields to the form.
    Note: it is only possible to add new fields if not all the fields are already added to the contact form.
  4. After clicking on Save, the fields will be visible on the registration form.
    Optional: rename the form, so you can recognise it easily later on.

Check whether the custom fields you added to the contact registration form are either visible for the order contact or student. Else the field will not be visible on the signup form. Check this by going to Settings > Forms > Contact registration forms. Open a registration form by clicking on the edit icon. Use the select field to choose order contact, participant or both for that custom field in the specific contact registration form. Do this for all contact registration forms. 

Select a contact registration form for a product template

  1. Go to 'Courses' -> 'Templates', Open a category and open the product template you want to change.
  2. Select the contact registration form you want to use in the 'Signup contact registration form' dropdown and click 'Save'.
  3. Done! The product will use the selected contact registration form from now on. 

Important note: adding a custom contact field makes the field available on the contact, in the admin portal. The contact registration forms decide if the field should be visible on signup or not. Click here to learn more about custom fields.

The information requested on signup by using the custom contact fields and contact registration forms is saved on the contact, not on the order or enrolment.

When you change the contact registration form in settings, all product templates that use the form will be updated automatically.

The settings "On signup visible to" and "Required on signup?" on the custom contact field overrule visibility on the signup form.

The basic contact fields (name and email) will always be visible on the registration form. Contact registration forms only affect the visibility of custom contact fields.

More information

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