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Modified on Wed, 10 Jan 2024 at 10:31 AM

In Portflow, besides inviting Canvas or Brightspace users, it is possible to invite external users (outside the educational institution) to (a collection of) your portfolio for, for example, feedback

All feedback from external parties is recognizable by the logo of the organization the external users works for. You can manage and revoke an external user's access yourself. Keep in mind that an external user does not have a dashboard in Canvas or Brightspace like you, but logs into your portfolio directly every time. 

Sharing the portfolio with external users

  1. Choose from where you want to share
    1. Go to the portfolio home page. Click on the plus icon (+) next to 'shared with:' 
    2. Go to 'My access and requests'. Click on 'Share' next to 'Request access'
  2. Click on 'click here to invite external users
  3. Enter the invitee's name, email address, and role
  4. Select the timeframe of the access
  5. Select the toggle if you want to share with restricted feedback visibility. This means they only see feedback and progress reviews provided by themself and yourself. If you responded to feedback originally provided by someone else, the visitor will not be able to see your response.
  6. Deselect the toggle if you want to share only certain collections. Select the collections you want to share in the dropdown.
  7. Click on 'send invitation' to send the invitation

The invitee can now log in via 2-factor authentication. 

Note: An invitee can change their name, but not the role from which feedback is given.

What does the process of sharing the portfolio with an external user look like?

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