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Modified on Wed, 24 Apr 2024 at 02:53 PM

Canvas and Brightspace are both Learning Management Systems. If you only use Canvas, you can read Canvas/Brightspace as Canvas. If you only use Brightspace, you can read Canvas/Brightspace as Brightspace. 

You can upload Canvas or Brightspace assignments to Portflow, including authentic feedback on the Canvas or Brightspace assignment.

Importing a Canvas/Brightspace assignment 

1. Click '+ add evidence' in 'my evidence' or within a collection. 
2. Select 'Canvas/Brightspace Assignment'.
3. Choose the course. This is the tile or module in which you submitted the assignment.
4. Choose the assignment you submitted the file in.
5. Under submission, choose whether you want to submit the most recent version of the assignment, or a document you have submitted previously. 
    Note: If is was an 'in person' assignment, you don't have to select a submission
6. Select which file(s) you want to submit
7. Give the evidence a name (you can change this later)
8. Click on

Which assignment types can be imported?


  1. Observed in person (submits: placeholder evidence)
  2. On paper submission (submits: placeholder evidence)
  3. File submission (submits: submitted file)


  1. No submission (submits: placeholder evidence)
  2. On paper (submits: placeholder evidence)
  3. Online:
    1. File upload (submits: submitted file)
    2. Website URL (submits: screenshot of the website)

Is feedback also imported?

Yes, feedback from an LMS assignment is imported into Portflow and labeled as such. Files attached to the feedback are imported into Portflow. Rubrics and the grade are not imported. Media recordings (Canvas) attached to the feedback are not imported into Portflow.

If an assignment was observed in person, a placeholder 'submission' is shown in Portflow, as displayed below.

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