Working with goals

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Within Portflow, goals indicate the learning goals or learning outcomes of a student. Goals can be placed in multiple collections, to which evidence can be linked. They provide insight into the progress of the student and make it possible to indicate what is currently worked on at the collection level.


Creating new goals

Goals can be created in two different ways:

  1. at the 'progress' tab on the dashboard

    1. Click on '+ add goal'

    2. Give the goal a short name (mandatory), full name, and description.

    3. Give the goal a status
    4. Click on 'add'
  • within a collection
    1. Click on '+ add goal'
    2. Click on 'new goal'
    3. Give the goal a short name (mandatory), full name, and description.
    4. Give the goal a status 
    5. Click on 'add'

Use the status of the goal to indicate whether you are actively working on the goal, or the goal has already been completed.


Link Goals to Collections

Go to a collection to link one or more goals to the collection.

  1. Click on '+ add goal'

  2. Choose 'existing goal'

  3. Select one or multiple goals

  4. Click on 'add'


Insight into your goals

The 'progress' tab presents a summary of the goals (1). The status of the goals is visible and can be used as a filter (2). You can find in how many collections the goal is present (3) and how many pieces of evidence are linked to the goal (4). This summary is also available to every visitor to the portfolio.

By clicking on a goal, a complete summary of the goal is opened. Using the menu behind the three dots (⋮) the name, description, and status of the goal can be changed.

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