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Welcome to the user guide for preparing surveys in Qualtrics. Here you can find comprehensive information about how you can set up Qualtrics surveys in Canvas and allow for the usage of embedded data in the QualtricsLTI. This information is meant for people setting up a survey, whether that be teachers, sub-account admins, or root account admins.


  1. Preparation in Qualtrics
  2. Configure surveys with QualtricsLTI
  3. Distribute surveys in Canvas

Preparation in Qualtrics

  1. Build the survey, including survey instructions, questions, answers, etc.
  2. Decide which embedded data will be used for the survey. More information on this topic can be found here.
  3. Go to the survey flow (1)
  4. Add a new element (2) and click on 'Embedded Data' 
  5. Add the embedded data fields you decided on in step two (3). (These do not have to match the exact name of the data fields in the LTI. This embedded data will be matched to the Canvas data at a later stage)
  6. Keep in mind the fields only have to be created; they shouldn't have a value (4)

  7. Use the 'Move' button (1) to drag the block embedded above all survey questions. Comparing the screenshot below to the previous one shows how the embedded data now sits above all survey content. This ensures the data is pulled in before the learner starts filling in questions. Don't forget to click on 'Apply' (2) to save all changes made in the survey flow. 
  8. If embedded is used to personalize the survey (including the first name of the learner, for example) or to make it more course-specific (displaying course name), use piped text (1) to insert the relevant embedded data field(s) (2) in the survey content. This can be done in questions, answers, and text blocks. Please know that even without embedding the piped text in the survey content, the data will still be captured.
  9. Publish the survey. Once published, Qualtrics LTI will recognize the survey.

Configure surveys with Qualtrics LTI


First, go to the Admin menu, and select "Qualtrics LTI" from the navigation menu.

  1. Add your survey (1). Once added, the tool will automatically redirect to the survey settings screen to execute the steps below.
  2. Connect the data fields to Canvas fields. First, select the type of data field. Use 'Fixed' for any singular data you want to automatically capture (most common) or for data that requires counting (For example, the number of users). Use 'Custom text' to manually insert text when setting up the survey in a Canvas assignment. Use 'unlinked' for data fields that shouldn't be connected to Canvas (for example, if the data comes from a different dataset hosted elsewhere). Use 'selection' when you want to select something specific (for example the name of a teacher). Read more information here.Once the data field type is selected, you can use the 'Canvas field' dropdown to select the matching data field in Canvas. Don't forget to click on save (2) when all the data fields are set up.
  3. Decide on survey settings:

    Set survey settings (1) and don't forget to save (2).

    Submission type
    • Limit to 1 submission: 1 survey response per learner in Canvas and Qualtrics(recommended option for evaluations & adaptive tests).

    • Allow submission update:  Learner can update their submission in Canvas, but Qualtrics will only save the latest submission (recommended option for evaluations).

    • Allow multiple submissions: Learner can update their submission in Canvas, and Qualtrics will save all submissions.
    Grading method
    • For anonymous surveys: Select the 'No Canvas submission' option.

    • For Qualtrics surveys with scoring: Select 'With Canvas submission' and 'Grade is the percentage of the Qualtrics score.'

    • To create a checkmark in the Gradebook or to assign a grade: Select 'With Canvas submission' and 'Grade is the assignment maximum score' (recommended option for evaluations -> to create the checkmark, make sure the Canvas assignment has the 'Complete/Incomplete' submission type).

      Find more information about grading options here.

  4. Save and enable (1). By enabling the survey in Canvas, it can now be distributed in a Canvas course.

Part 3: Distribute surveys in Canvas

The final step is to distribute the survey via a Canvas assignment. The video below demonstrates how to add the survey to an assignment, making it available for learners. Like a regular Canvas assignment, the content (in this case the survey) will only become available for learners if the assignment is published. 


Tip! Don't add text into the assignment header. If you have any instructions, put them in the survey.

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