Setting up your Qualtrics LTI account as an Admin

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This article explains how to set up your Qualtrics LTI account by adding a Qualtrics Domain and connecting to Qualtrics from your Canvas account. 


When first accessing the Qualtrics LTI from the root admin account (Institute Admin), you can follow the steps below to set up your account:  

From the main blue “Menu” button in the top right-hand corner, click on “Set-Up” (see the image below).  

How to add your Qualtrics Domain

Once on the set-up page, you'll find settings to add Qualtrics domains. We define a Qualtrics domain as the Qualtrics environment you use to build your surveys. You can also use the set-up page to view and edit Qualtrics domains you added previously. 

Different Qualtrics domains can be connected to Different Canvas sub-accounts. This might come in handy if your institution has different faculties that each have their own Qualtrics domain. 

You can add a new Qualtrics domain with the “+ Add Qualtrics domain” button shown in the image below.

After clicking on “+ Add Qualtrics domain,” you can begin filling in the domain information. 

Start out by filling in the name for your Qualtrics domain that you would like to link to your Canvas account. This name does not have to directly match what it is called in Qualtrics, but should be easily recognizable and understandable to all Canvas users who would like to link with that Qualtrics domain. For example, if you have multiple faculties with different sub-accounts, be sure to name them clearly so that each Qualtrics domain name matches with the faculty. If you are installing Qualtrics LTI on a root account for the entire institution, then the Qualtrics domain name can be more broad. 

You will then be asked to fill in the Qualtrics data center ID. This is necessary to make the connection with Qualtrics. You can find the ID within the URL of your Qualtrics domain. The URL should look something like this: Then take the ID from the URL and put it in the data center ID field. 

The next step is to fill in your Qualtrics Brand Admin token. This information can be found in your Qualtrics Admin's account under My Account > Account Settings > Qualtrics IDs > API Section of the page > Generate Token. 

Note that linking your Qualtrics Admin's account to the Qualtrics LTI will allow Canvas Admins to add the surveys in the Qualtrics Admin's account to the Qualtrics LTI. Then, any instructor can add those surveys into their courses. If you do not want this to be a possibility, then be sure to link a Qualtrics account that DOES NOT have any surveys in it. 

Next, you can choose to enable personal surveys. When the option ‘Enable personal surveys’ is on, instructors (or other Canvas users) are able to log in to their Qualtrics account and add surveys from their own account for this specific Qualtrics domain. 

See the image below for what this “+ Add Qualtrics domain” pop-up screen looks like. 

If you enable personal surveys, It is also required to fill in the OAuth Client ID and Client secret. You can ask your Qualtrics brand admin to create an OAuth token for the Qualtrics LTI. The redirect URL of the token should be as follows:

Fill in the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret your Qualtrics brand admin gave you. If personal surveys are enabled, you can also enter a support contact email address where users can send their questions regarding the Qualtrics LTI.

See the image below for what this extended pop-up screen looks like when the personal surveys toggle is enabled. 

Once you click “Save,” the Qualtrics domain will be added. If you ever need to edit this domain in the future, you can do so by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the domain on the set-up page.

How to Connect to Qualtrics 

After adding one or multiple Qualtrics domains, you are ready to connect a Qualtrics account to the Canvas account. This is done on the set-up page under “2. Connect to Qualtrics” – see the image below. 

Be aware that you can connect to Qualtrics on the root account level and all sub-account levels. 

Please be mindful that you open and fill in the ‘Connect to Qualtrics’ screen in the correct account, depending on your preferences for having Qualtrics connected only to a specific sub-account, or to all accounts via the root account. This will ensure that the surveys related to that Qualtrics domain can be used in the courses belonging to that root account or sub-account.

To check that you are connecting to Qualtrics from the correct Canvas account, go back to the Qualtrics LTI home screen. 

  • If you want to connect the Qualtrics account at the Canvas root account level, then make sure you are on the "Institute Surveys" home page of the Qualtrics LTI. At the institute root account level, the "Connect to Qualtrics" section will be Step #2 (after #1: Add your Qualtrics Domain). 
  • If you want to connect the Qualtrics account at a Canvas sub-account level, then make sure you are on the "Department Surveys" home page of the Qualtrics LTI for the specific department you want to add the Qualtrics account to. At the department sub-account level, the "Connect to Qualtrics" section will be Step #1. 

Note that Bulk Surveys can only be used at the root account level (for root account admins only, in "Institute surveys"). 

Once you are located in the correct root account or sub-account in the Qualtrics LTI in Canvas, you can start connecting to Qualtrics by filling in the information in the "Connect to Qualtrics" section (shown in the image above). 

First, select the Qualtrics domain you want to connect to this Canvas account. Next, enter the API token. Your Qualtrics Admin can find this by going to their Qualtrics account, clicking on their profile in the top right-hand corner, then clicking on “Account settings.” From there they can navigate to the “Qualtrics IDs” tab to find their Qualtrics API token.  

Settings & Permissions

You can edit admin settings and permissions by clicking on the main “Menu” button in the top right-hand corner of the Qualtrics LTI and then by clicking “Settings.” 

On the settings page, you'll first see a list of all the optional features under “Admin Settings.” Here you can decide which feature(s) to enable or disable. You can change the settings for these optional features at any time. 

You can also decide to add a support email address. Users of your institution can reach out to this email address if they have questions regarding the Qualtrics integration. They can find this email address by clicking on “Menu” > “I need help” and then sending an email via the pop-up menu. See the images below for more details.  

Under the Permissions section on the settings page, you can organize the permissions regarding Canvas sub-accounts and sub-account administrators. You can select (or deselect) as many sub-accounts as you wish to give them access to the Qualtrics LTI. Additionally, you can decide which permissions the sub-account administrators in your Canvas environment should have.

Click on the save buttons at the bottom of each section to save your admin settings and permissions after you are done.

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