How to 'exempt' a participant from a course in a program

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When offering programs, you might have a participant that wants to be exempted from a course in that program. For example in case the participant has already done a similar course with another educator.

How to exempt a participant from a course in a program?

You can do this by 'exempting' the participant from that specific course, on the personal program.

Note: in case the participant is already enrolled for the course, you should unlink the enrollment from the personal program first, before you can 'exempt' the participant from that course.

Results of exempting a student from a course

  1. The participant will not be enrolled for that course. E.g. the course will no longer show up on their portal.
  2. Since the participant is no longer enrolled, the participant can also no longer access the course in canvas.
  3. The result for the course will be set to 'passed' as a result of being 'exempted'. This will result in the program 'auto-completing' if all other courses in the (personal) program are passed as well.

When exempting a student from a course, you can provide a reason for exemption. Which will show up in the personal program, in the form of an icon with tooltip. You can also document the earlier grade and score for the course, if this is needed. It is not possible to award the certificate in case you exempt a student from that course.

Note: If the participants still needs access to the course in Canvas, or if you still want to award the certificate, the participant needs to be enrolled. In this case you cannot use 'exempt'.

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