Department coaches and coaches can be added to StudyCoach with a CSV import consisting of SIS IDs. Coach relationships can also be deleted. In this way, many department coaches and coaches can be added to StudyCoach at the same time. The department coaches are thus directly linked to the correct sub-account and the coaches related to the corresponding students or unrelated. 

Due to privacy reasons, it is important to add department coaches directly to the correct sub-account and link coaches to only the correct students. In addition, it is efficient to use the CSV import to be able to link large groups of students directly to the right coach or to be able to add many department coaches in bulk to the right sub-account instead of doing manual work one by one. 


StudentTeacherCoachDepartment coachManager

* Not available to managers on a sub-account level.

Table of contents

➤ Creating a CSV-file

➤ Import a CSV file with (department) coaches

Creating a CSV file

A CSV file is a comma-separated file that makes it easy to import or delete larger amounts of information in StudyCoach. 

Use the following CSV format to establish or delete the relationship between coaches and students in a CSV file. A student can be associated with one or more coaches.


⚠ When preparing the CSV file for coaches, note the following two things:

  • Make sure the CSV file contains a header.
  • Ensure that the IDs in the CSV file are the SIS IDs.

Gebruik het volgende CSV-format om de relatie tussen opleidingscoaches en sub-accounts in een CSV-bestand te bewerkstelligen.


⚠ When preparing the CSV file for department coaches, note the following two things:

  • Make sure the CSV file contains a header.
  • Use Canvas account IDs in combination with SIS IDs to import department coaches.

  Tip: Not looking for a CSV import but want to add a user and/or role manually? Or do you want to delete a department coach? Then check out the article 'Add a user or role manually'. Or read more about deleting users. 

Import a CSV file with (department) coaches

A manager can import a CSV-file into StudyCoach in the following manner:

  1. Navigate to the settings. 
  2. Go to the tab Import.
  3. Go to Coaches or to Department coaches, depending on the role you would like to import users for.
  4. Go to Browse files and select the correct CSV-file.
  5. Consequently, you will see the progress of the import in Your last coach imports.

⚠ Note: A successful import of CSV data cannot be undone.


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