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1. How does the Stripe Checkout work in Eduframe? 

This article describes the steps that you have to go through to activate the Stripe Checkout integration in Eduframe. 

2. Login or create a new Stripe account

First you need a Stripe account. You do need 2 API keys. You can find these under “Developers” => “API keys”. 

3. Create a valid api_key for Eduframe

For this we make use of an online JSON generator tool: JSON Parser - Convert JSON to Strings Online. The text below is a template for the format for Eduframe. You can copy this and paste it in the text field on the website. 


  "public_key": "your pk here",

  "private_key": "your sk here",

  "payment_methods": []


This is how it should look like: 

The fields “public_key” and “private_key” are the fields where the Stripe API keys have to be entered. The public key starts with “pk_”. The private key starts with “sk_”. Copy these from Stripe and replace the text “your pk here” and “your sk here”.

Please note: it is possible to leave payment methods empty by only using []

Next to this we also have the payment_methods that are supported by Stripe Checkout. In the template you can find all available payment methods. Remove the payment methods you do not want to use. You can find more information about the payment methods in the Stripe documentation: Learn about payment methods.

Please note: The last payment method in the list should not end with a comma because then the JSON is not valid.

If you are ready, click on the blue button “JSON Parser”. Scroll down till the following screen appears: 

Make sure that you see the text “JSON is valid!” on top of the page. If this is not the case, something went wrong in the previous step. If the text “JSON is valid!” does appear, click “Copy To Clipboard” and copy the right format for Eduframe that we need in the next step. 

4. Add a new payment method to Eduframe 

The last step is adding the new payment method in Eduframe. You go to ”Settings” => “Payment Options" and scroll to payment methods. Here you click on the button “New payment method”. 

Select “StripeCheckout” as the Gateway and paste the copied JSON format from the previous step under API key (final input field). Give this payment method a name and then save on top of the page



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