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Under the tab "Courses" in the global navigation you can find all the products and structure of your education. In the submenu you can find Templates, Courses and Program editions. Per subtab we created a separate article. 

  • Templates
  • Courses
  • Program editions

Program editions

In this article we are going to take a look into Program editions

After setting up the total structure and creating course templates in Eduframe, you can create planned programs or in other words: Program editions. Under the tab Program editions you will find an overview of all the program editions within Eduframe. You can click on them and you can see the amount of enrollments per program edition. 

How to filter in Program editions?

In program editions you can filter on program template and search for the name of the edition.  

How to create new Program editions?

Within Eduframe you can create program editions by adding them one by one. There are two ways to create program edition:

1. Courses > Program editions > + Plan Program edition

2. Courses > Template > Program template > Editions > + Edition

Both options come to the same fill in page: 

  • Select the Program template
  • Choose an edition name
  • Start- and end-date, representing the nominal duration of the program edition
  • Minimum - Maximum number of students (this has only influence on the signup form) 
  • Price calculation
    • Price per student
    • Price per registration
    • To be determined
    • Free
  • Price
    *only appears at price per student or price per registration.
  • Publicly available on signup form (enable/disable)
  • (optional) custom fields you created and linked to Edition

Click on Save and you created a program edition. 

Within the Program edition

After creating a program edition, you can add and view more detailed information about this program edition. If you click on the name of the program edition, there will be more tabs:

  • General
    General information about the program template
  • Elements
    Connect course templates or planned courses to this program edition. This can also be specified later on. 
  • Calendar
    Calendar with all meetings coming from the linked course editions of this program edition.
  • Enrollments
    Contacts that are enrolled for this program edition
  • Orders
    Orders connected to this program edition
  • Invoices
    Invoices connected to this program edition
  • Progress overview
    An overview of all course statuses and results per enrollment for this program edition
  • Plugins    
    An overview of all Plugin settings (if used) 

How to add elements to a program edition? 

You can add multiple elements to a program edition. You can specify this per program edition (so for everyone that is enrolled for this program edition) or per enrollment (so different per person). 

  • Specify per program edition
    When you click on Elements, you will see an overview of all the elements connected to this program edition.
    1: An element consists of the course template name and/or course edition.
    2: Status gives you information about the course edition
    3: See here how many enrollments for this course edition
    4: You can delete this element.
    5: A course template is connected, but the course edition needs to be specified. Click on the edit button if you want to specify this edition. When no edition is selected, no enrollment can be made for this course when an order for this program edition was placed.
    6: Add an element to this program edition. Click on 
    + Element

  • Specify per enrollment
    When you click on Enrollments, you will see an overview of all the enrollments (participants) for this program edition. Click on the names of the participants to see their personal program. 
    1: Here you will see the elements (element, course edition, status, result, grade, comment, certificate) already specified for the program edition and also for this participant. 
    2: Click on Cancel program to cancel the enrollment of this participant for this program edition.
    3: Click on + Element to add personal elements for this participant. These personal elements will only be added for this specific participant and not for all other participants of this program edition.
    4: If you click on the three dots, you will have the possibility to unlink this element from the program. This means that the enrollment will not be cancelled, it will just not be shown in this program overview. 
    5: If the course edition is not specified yet, you can do that only for this participant as well. Click on + New enrollment to connect the course edition to this specific participant.

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