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Exact Online

It is possible to link Eduframe to Exact Online using our Exact Online plugin. With this link, the invoices from Eduframe can automatically be registered as sales entries within Exact Online. This way your entire bookkeeping can be done in one spot.

  • Eduframe invoices are automatically added as sales entries in Exact Online, for which Eduframe will also create contacts in Exact Online.
  • Courses can be linked to the correct General Ledger Account, Cost Center and Cost Unit.

Info: For questions on Exact terminology, please refer to the documentation of Exact or Exact Support.

Information synchronised to Exact Online

The following information is synchronised from Eduframe to Exact Online, when using the Exact Online plugin

Account linked to the invoice (personal/business):

  • name
  • email
  • address
  • custom field with the system_name: ‘vat_number’


  • description
  • opened_at date
  • expiration_date
  • reference_id
  • feature
  • number

Invoice items (individual invoice lines):

  • description
  • units
  • vat_code


  • The data you fill in for exact online on the plugins tab such as cost_unit and cost_center
  • The whole invoice as PDF, which is attached to the sales_entry in Exact Online

Note: Information, like invoice status, does not sync back from Exact Online to Eduframe.

When does this get synchronised?

The information above gets synchronised on creation of an invoice and on every change of the invoice after, so when it is opened, paid, expired, deleted or (re)saved.

Installation and configuration

How do I install the plugin and authenticate the plugin to connect to Exact Online?

From the Eduframe plugins settings page (Settings > Pluginsyou search for the Exact Online plugin and install it in your Eduframe environment by clicking on Click to install. You will then be forwarded to Exact Online, to authenticate and activate the link.

How do I configure the Exact Online plugin?

After authenticating you need to configure the plugin, by going to the settings of the plugin. Here you see the following fields:

  • Division
    The code of the division to which the entries must be added. Make sure that the user who authenticated has access to this division in Exact Online. This is a global setting.
    • You can find the division code in the Exact Online dashboard > click on the administration name, top left > click 'all options' > a screen with an overview of administration will open > hover over the (right administration) number in the column 'code' > the number in the URL that appears on the bottom of the page is the division code.  
  • Sync from
    The date from which invoices should be synchronised. We recommend first taking a short period of a few days to check if the connection is working properly. If the connection is working like it should, the 'sync from' date can be put further back in the past. This is a global setting.
  • Ledger code
    The code of the ledger account to which the entries must be added. This can be overruled for each product template and edition.
  • Journal code
    The code of the journal to which the entries must be added. This is a global setting.

Important note: The Exact Online only supports using one division. Make sure the admin who authenticated the plugin has access to the chosen division in Exact Online. 

Note: Make sure the chosen Journal code and Ledger code are available within the chosen division.

Choose a ledger, cost center and/or cost unit for a course template and course edition. 

It is possible to choose the ledger account, cost center and cost unit that invoices for one course should use. When an invoice is created based on the relevant course template, the entry is directly linked to the chosen cost unit and cost center in Exact Online.

The Exact Online settings on the course template and course edition can be set as follows:

Go to Course templates, go to the Plugins tab > Exact Online and fill in the relevant fields:

  • Ledger code
    The code of the ledger account to which the entries must be added.
  • Cost center
    The code of the cost center.
  • Cost unit
    The code of the cost unit.

You can define these settings for both the course template and course edition. In case the settings for Exact Online are not filled, the system will fall back to the settings above. For example:

  • If the ledger code, cost center and cost unit are filled in for the course edition, these settings will be used. If they are notfilled in:
    • The ledger code, cost center and cost unit filled in for the course template are used. If they are notfilled in:
      • The ledger code in the general settings are used. No cost center and cost unit will be set.

Synchronise VAT number of organisations

It is possible to synchronise the VAT number of an organisation to Exact Online. For this, a custom input field must be created for an organisation and linked to “vat_number”. You can read more about creating custom fields here.

After this, this field can be entered for an organisation with the following format: “NL0000000000B00”. This format differs per country but always starts with the country code of the country where the organisation is located.

It is also necessary to enter the billing address of the organisation with the correct country.

After the VAT number has been entered, the VAT number will appear with the account in Exact Online after the next invoice is synchronised for this organisation.

Warning: When merging contacts in Eduframe, exactly the same merge (de-duplication) action needs to be done on the contacts in Exact Online. With this action the same primary contact in Exact Online should be kept as primary contact in Eduframe. If the wrong contacts are merged, or if the wrong primary contact is selected in Exact Online, Eduframe will create a new contact.

The other way around is similar: when you want to merge a contact in Exact Online, of which one of these contacts is created by Eduframe, you have to keep the contact created by Eduframe. Otherwise Eduframe will create this contact again in Exact Online, resulting in duplicates.

Important note: The Exact Online plugin only synchronises invoices on creation or update of an invoice. If a wrong division/ledger code/journal code is chosen the invoice needs to be manually resaved in Eduframe to synchronise it.

Note: When using discount codes, the discount is added as a separate line to the sales entry synced to Exact Online. No cost center or cost unit is assigned to this line.

More information

Click here for other articles on the Settings page in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.

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