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It is possible to link Eduframe to Moneybird. The invoices from Eduframe are then automatically also created as invoices in Moneybird. This way, the entire bookkeeping is in 1 place. Keep in mind that if you use the integration with Moneybird, you can only create invoices in Eduframe (otherwise the tracking number will no longer be correct).

What are the advantages?

  • Eduframe invoices automatically if synced to Moneybird
  • Ability to associate courses with appropriate categories
  • Complete overview of your Eduframe invoices within Moneybird

From the Eduframe plugins page (Settings > Plugins) you search for the Moneybird plugin and then Install it in your Eduframe environment by clicking on Click to install. You will then be redirected to Moneybird, then go through the steps within Moneybird to activate the link.

How do I configure Moneybird?

Then you configure the Moneybird, by going to the settings of the plugin. Here you see the fields:

Sync from

The date from which invoices should be synchronized.

We recommend taking a short period of a few days during the initial installation and checking that the clutch is working properly.

When will my invoices be synchronized?

An invoice is synced from Eduframe to Moneybird when it goes from draft to open. Changes on open invoices within Eduframe are not synced to Moneybird. If you want to synchronize an amended invoice again, you have to remove it from Moneybird, the invoice will then be created again from Eduframe in Moneybird.


All contacts/organizations linked to an invoice are synchronized from Eduframe to Moneybird. When Moneybird has already been used, it is possible that duplicate contacts arise. You can manually merge these duplicate contacts within Moneybird. For future invoices, Eduframe will use the merged contact and not create a new contact.

It is possible to define the category per course template. When an invoice is created based on the relevant course template, the booking is directly linked to the correct category, so that you can later analyze the total costs per category in Moneybird.

You link a Cost Category to a course template by going to Course templates, then choose the template for which you want to set the category and open it. Go to the plugins tab > Moneybird and enter the category code. The category code can be found in Moneybird under Settings > Categories.

More information

Click here for other Articles around the Settings page in Eduframe

Click here if you have any questions for support.


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