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Click on Invoices in the main menu. Sometimes a number (or counter) is shown next to the word Invoices. This counter is the amount of Open and Expired invoices. 

Here you will find all invoices that are created. You can search on a specific filter or export the list of invoices to excel. By ticking the checkboxes of the invoices you can choose whether to send the invoice, send payment request or delete the invoice.

A concept invoice will be created automatically when saving an order that has a price attached. An invoice can have different statuses:

  • Concept: Not send yet
  • Open: The invoice is sent but not paid yet
  • Paid: The invoice is sent and also paid
  • Expired: The invoice is sent and the customer didn't pay in time (you can choose the Payment period in days within the Invoice settings)
  • Deleted: The concept invoice is deleted (it never is been sent)

Create invoice 

When you are in the tab invoices, you can create an invoice by clicking on + Invoice. You can fill in the invoice with information: Connect it to an organisation or contact, connect it to a product so it is shown as order and as invoice in that product, fill in a number, description, amount and VAT (the VAT options you can set within the invoice settings). You can add another invoice line and (optionally) link it to a product edition. At last, you can add a note to this invoice. 

If you want to know more about the invoice settings, please click here. 

Important notes:  
- You can filter on: concept, open, paid, expired, deleted.

- You can export the invoices in a .xlsx file (Excel). Click on Export.

Invoice actions

In the list of invoices you can click on the invoices to open one. You will find the possibility to add notes, tasks, edit the invoice, add manual payment, download the invoice (UBL or PDF), delete invoice or some actions around sending mails.

There can be more or less options available, which is depending on the status of the invoice. 

Under the tab Payments, you can check if there were any payments connected to this invoice. 

The last tab gives you an overview of activities that happened connected to this invoice. 
In the invoice itself, you always have the possibility to edit this invoice. Click on the edit button to change something like account or product edition linked to an invoice line. Account can only be edited when the invoice is in concept.

Invoices will have a due date dependent on the payment period. If partial payments are set up in the Payment options, an invoice is created for each of the installments/terms in a payment plan. All automatically generated invoices (down payment, installments, manually created) will be tied to the same order. Each invoice has its own payment status, which can be found per invoice on the order. From this, the order invoice status can be deducted. To see this in the order overview, orders can be labeled by ‘partially paid’ e.g.

More information

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Click here if you have any questions for support.

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